How To Still Learn

1) By not quitting.


So today I want to discuss several things.  All the things I wrote about earlier… I moved forward in that direction but ended up not doing much of it.  Probably 20% was done.

I tried not buying any cars for this month (October) and decided to “coast”… however.. sales dropped from 11K to 7.5K.

That’s what I get when I try to “coast” an automobile dismantling company.

With less to do – I sometimes just spend the whole day reading blogs.

This is not productive.

The lesson learned here is always try new things and you will figure out what works and what doesn’t.

What I discovered in my laziness is that spending MORE money by buying cars will create waaaaaay more sales than the savings I get by not purchasing more cars for that particular month.  Sure, I save… $1K by not buying another car.  I just lose $3K in return.  If I did spend that $1K-$2K buying/dismantling that car… I would receive back 4-5K more that month.

THIS IS LIFE.  A constant, continual, learning experience.

Reed told me posting pictures of my feet might be disgusting.  Who cares, I’m posting it below:

Keepin' it real with the cotton balls.

Keepin’ it real with the cotton balls.  Look!  Halloween themed, yay!

I went to get a pedicure for the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE with my gal pal Val.  It felt good, but for some reason I didn’t feel the necessity of it.  I didn’t get this overwhelming itch some females have for this ritual of having to be served by hand and feet from another human being and then painted on for several hours as they gossip about you in a foreign language behind your back.

Maybe I am too manly.  The urge for massages, for manicures, pedicures, etc… does not enter my mind.  Maybe it comes as a more evolved form of “taking care of yourself” and I’m not there yet.  Who knows.  All I know is.. it cost me $37 for 10 rounded tips to be painted another color from the natural color of nude/cracked calloused.  Cracked Calloused is a new color, by the way.

So.. couple of things I’ve started doing this month:

I started a podcast.  So far it has two episodes.

I am teaming up with an SEO expert to write an eBook which I hope I will publish within this MILLENNIAL.  I tried writing an eBook of my own and it has been 4 years.  It is unpublished, gathering pixelated dust.  And I will publish THIS ebook with errors, flaws and all.  Why?  Because it’s better than an unpublished NOTHING while I seek aimlessly for a perfection that will never come.

I sic’ed my team of developer/designer duo on automating so that once you sign up, you will automatically get an email detailing you on what to do and what information to input.  After information is inputed then stage 2 is commenced.  Before that I used to personally send out every welcome email (a copy and paste procedure) that was not necessary but since I was too busy to delegate this task out – it was never done.  TILL NOW.  They have yet to finish.  I hope to have it wrapped up by the end of this week.

I am going to revamp my mailing list once and for all.

I started meal prepping for the week and I am getting better at it.  Meal prepping is great!

Below are more pictures from my night out with my gal pal Val.  I ordered all the sushi.  Valerie is a vegetarian.  I think I had 7 plates to her 1.


1) I best be buyin’ them cars or else I will be losin’ ’em sales!

2) I do not work well ALONE.  In whatever capacity.  I need people because with people I actually push myself harder.

3) Posts/Podcasts/Listings/Company stuff/Managing developers/Ebook writing/etc. = all are lumped into a massive workload.  When sometimes I prefer just sitting by myself watching to stand up comedy and reading blogs at my leisure the entire day.  The only way to do stuff is to do it and get’er done. (I don’t know why I chose this particular vernacular right now with all the shortened words…. but it’s fun to me at the moment.  Please don’t rain on my PARADE!).

4) For my birthday (I just turned 28 years young) I chose to scale a 770 foot wall of rock.  And it was massively fun.  I recently spoke to a friend, just catching up on life (because that’s what friends do sometimes when it’s around your birthday and they glance your way since they received  some facebook notification)… this was how the convo went:

Friend: “How’s life Kim?”

Me: “Good.”

Friend: “I’ve been so busy.  I work 3 jobs and 16 hour work days.”

Me: “So far I am trying to run 2 businesses but I work around 20 hours of real work a week. I sometimes spend all day reading blogs.”

Friend: “I barely have time to date but when I do I can’t devote any time to these women who want my attention.”

Me:”I just recently climbed a 700 foot wall in Nevada & I now have some time to make room for more of a relationship.”

Friend:”Wow, our lives are so opposite.”

I want to say yes to more life experiences at the same time I want to continue building businesses.  I want to work really hard but I want to spend all day lying on a couch in my warehouse.  Some friends have figured it out and I am envious because sometimes I find myself questioning life way too much.

I am not afraid to want random opposite things and trying out a bunch of different stuff.  I’m not afraid to posting pictures of my feet on the internet.  I’m not afraid to fail.  And that is how I still learn.


Enjoy the pictures below.

Our only picture together - and it's blurry.

Our only picture together – and it’s blurry.





All my dishes were served before Val got her VEGETARIAN roll (which is barely called food.)

All my dishes were served before Val got her VEGETARIAN roll (which is barely called food.)


 SEO Update & Yousef Erakat (AKA FOUSEYTUBE)

So like I told you guys I am going to provide an update from my SEO experiment.

3 Months ago almost exactly (on March 5th, 2014) I decided to write about an up and coming youtube dude named Yousef Erakat.  I wrote … a few bullet points.

The term is searched roughly 5,000/month & online there wasn’t any biography of this big butt comedian/student/youtubian.  I chose the term “Who is Yousef Erakat” as my keyword phrase for the blog post.

3 months ago: My worth of web was around $215.


July 2nd 2014 Worth Of Web

July 2nd 2014 Worth Of Web






17 Days after I wrote that post, I was ranked past the 11th page of Google.

I am now on the first page for “who is yousef erakat” and on the second page of google for simply “yousef erakat”.  Right under the very link to his Youtube Channel.

First Page Of Google For Who Is Yousef Erakat Phrase

First Page Of Google For Who Is Yousef Erakat Phrase


The peepz shared this post

The peepz shared this post… like they had rabies.

AND… I started getting emails….. ABOUT YOUSEF.

2014-07-02_2230I said it would take 3-4 months for a phrase with low competition and a high search (5000/month is not exactly THAT high…) for you to travel to the first page of google for that particular phrase.

BAM. Proof.

Thanks for being a part of this experiment, dude!

Thanks for being a part of this experiment, dude!

Stay tuned… for the next SEO experiment!



So in my last post I spoke about how the keyword phrase “Yousef Erakat Biography” is searched 5,000 times a month but has extremely low competition.

I wrote that post on MARCH 5TH, 2014.

It has been only 17 days.

My blog already is getting visitors from that keyword phrase and is ranked on the 2nd page of google.


Yousef Erakat Search

Yes.  I get hits for “Cartoon Finger”.


Yousef Erakat Search

Right under IMBD, yo.

But don’t fool yousefs (yourselves).

SEO takes at least 3-4 months to matriculate anywhere for a real business.

This was just a test.  That worked.  If you have any SEO related questions for me please do not hesitate to ask.

Search for “Yousef Erakat biography”.  See me on the 2nd page.  Let’s see what happens a month from now.

How to do REAL SEO Part 1

What is SEO?  It is Search Engine Optimization.  It is what you need to do to get yourself well ranked in Google according to keyword searches.  Sure, you can go ahead and use google keyword search tool (for free) and look at all the “medium” and “high” competition keywords…. but that is CHILD’S PLAY.

I want to introduce you to the real world of SEO.  Go ahead.  Take the blue pill.

And yes…I’ve got training from the best.  So I know a shit ton about SEO.  I asked my friend who happens to also be my SEO mentor would it be okay to share these secrets – he said sure.

This will probably be a 7 part series because the training I went through was 4 years of SEO work condensed into a very short period.

I will make it easy for you (even though in its entirety you are going to be schooled hardcore about what REAL SEO is like)

If you want it to be even easier, hire Billy.  Or just email me your questions.

Ready? K, Down the Rabbit Hole ==>

Download the following programs:






That’s it.  That’s enough for now.  Like I said, I’m making this easy for you.



So I don’t need makeup or my hair down when I am working.  But I can go without the bags under my eyes.  Or having the bloodshot look.  I can do without that as well.

A little update.  I am on my 5th car for the Autodismantling company, biotches!   And I am NOT bankrupt yet….  And the dropship company is doing better than ever.

Realization: I am comfortable being a hermit.  I can work for long, long hours just by myself.  But human interaction helps maintain my productivity.  If I don’t interact with others once in awhile I will burn out and you’d sometimes find me rocking back and forth by myself in a corner of the warehouse [you wish I was kidding].

Worries/Concerns:  I know technology only assists with business and not so much the foundation of one.  Therefore I am focusing almost all my energy on execution and training.  But I am smothering the side that is screaming for me to work on a FANTASTIC website for the industry.  That creativity will be smothered until I feel I can take on the technology without being so burdened by the tasks involved with operations.

So things are okay so far.  I’ve also…..just entered into some kind’ve exclusive relationship.  With a boy.  I wonder how this will go.  I’m optimistic.

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