Pints All Around, Hops in Your Cups, Balls to the Wall

So I am a supporter of all things magical and fun.

Mike and Dariane

Mike and Dariane

Pints All Around is written by Michael Le and Dariane – a couple who decided that they would rather travel the world for a little bit before too many obligations tie them down.

And they are smart about it.  They spent time gathering free mileage, they spent time researching what to pack, they read travel blogs and they prepare well in advance for their journey.

This is the trend that I see going on lately.  Same with this Blog by my colleague Philip Luu.  And then I read quora answers such as the one below:

Michael – or as I call him simply – Mike, describes this journey as a dilation in the space time continuum because time moves way too fast when your life comprises mostly of traveling, but when you look back you realize you’ve lived quite a bit.  Jack Calnan describes it as a series of never ending adventures.

I am seething with envy.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

When the future is no longer about working all your life for that golden pension, when your value as an individual is not so much defined by how much you fit in line and climb a corporate ladder , when you can make enough money to experience an enriched life through spurts of traveling meanwhile always knowing that you can go back to a job whenever you desire – you fucking go for it.

You can climb a corporate ladder enough to solidify your value from age 22 – 26/27.  Then go travel for a bit before you hit your mid thirties with a halted metabolism, mortgage, kids,  and toppling health issues. You can always take vacations as you go through your schooling as well.

So I raise my glass full of hops to people like Mike, Dariane, Philip, and Jack (total stranger) – for having the balls to go out there and experience as much of the world as they can before life hits them hard in those same balls.  Or maybe not.  Or maybe life continues to be completely adventurous and filled with flying unicorns.

Either way – here is a picture from Mike’s blog.

On a weakly similar note I am going to Mazatlan for vacation in a month for 9 days.  I’ll be staying at the El Cid resort.  Sure sure I just started a business – but this is MY LIFE.  I have to live it.  Any good suggestions?

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