Deep Dive Review Of Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Below are my notes and commentary on Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course.


  • Video Types

He shows himself reviewing different softwares vs. their competitors. Mailchimp vs. ActiveCampaign

He tries to rank for competitor keywords.

He goes after problems people need to solve.  “How To”. For Example “How to Hire a VA” and he uses where they do have an affiliate program and he links to that platform.

If he cannot direct link, he will refer them to a free email marketing course for “How to Write Killer Subject Lines”.  The free course will lead to a bridge page but will push Active Campaign really hard.

  • Algorithm

What’s important is: Watch time, Likes, Social Shares, Link-backs are abundant, Comments, Subscribers, Channel Unity (Cohesive topic for 1 channel), Keywords

  • Keyword Search

Ahrefs ($99/month) – Go for long tail keywords.  He will sort by “Word Count”.  He changes Volume to 250 – Max. Export results and look for keyword phrases.  Can search for what keywords big companies are going for.. Like clickbank.

Google Search – If you scroll all the way at the bottom, google will give you 8 other keyword phrases people are searching for.

Keywordshitter – Spits out a bunch of keyword phrases to use.

VidIQ – Plugin for Google Chrome

This is just me using VidIQ and providing you a screenshot of it below.


VidIQ Example



Action: Create a google sheet with title of your video & desired action you want people to take (just subscribe to your video or click on a link to a free course you’ve made).  Separate by topic.  Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Sales.  Have a column that checks off whether you’ve created it or not.

Advice to Avoid Burnout: Do 10 Videos Overnight and drip them out over a course of 2 weeks.  Do not do 1 by 1.

Video Creation

  • Recording

If you have a Mac, ScreenFlow seems to be a good video editing software.

I use Camtasia (for PC).

Things to keep in mind: 720×1080 is the Youtube Video dimensions.  If you are recording with different dimensions, it might look weird on Youtube.


This is just part 1.  More to come!

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