How To Start And Run An Ecommerce Company Step By Step

I have been avoiding doing How To’s simply because I feel so overwhelmed.  But you know what, this blue print that I have in my mind and that I am executing will be further developed if I actually share with you my thoughts and processes – openly – so I would know if I am making mistakes or if I am moving towards a healthy direction (or not).

I will fill in the following links with articles:

In chronological order…

1) How to Manage Your Team Using Teambox (Week 1 – 4/21/2014 – 4/25/2014)

2) How to Outsource & Hire Using Odesk And Elance  (Week 2 – 4/28/2014 – 5/02/2014)

3) How to Receive Payments From Customers Using  (Week 3 – 5/05/2014 – 5/09/2014)

4) How to Provide Customer Support Using Forums And Templates  (Week 4 – 5/12/2014 – 5/16/2014)

5) How to Manage Your Money With Quickbooks Online  (Week 5 – 5/19/2014 – 5/23/2014)

6) How to Keep Track Of Leads And Build Your Sales Using  (Week 6 – 5/26/2014 – 5/30/2014)

7) How to Provide Updates With Mailchimp & Keeping Customers Informed  (Week 7 – 6/02/2014 – 6/06/2014)

Where there is a will…there is a way, no?

Just for my Start Up peeps:

How to Get Funding By Talking To VC’s (Not necessary for maybe Ecommerce driven companies, but I am also trying launch a Start-up)  (Week 0 – 6/09/2014 – 6/13/2014)

The deadlines are just to keep myself in check with blogging.  I will probably go in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

My “worth of web” blog went up in worth from $139 (TOTAL WORTH HERE) to $215.  Check out the stats here.

Heyyyyyyyyy… I got nothing to hide here.

My goal is to raise my blog’s worth up to $1000. For fun. (I reached my goal on July 2nd, 2014… HEHE!)

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[…] How To Start And Run An Ecommerce Company […]

[…] How To Start And Run An Ecommerce Company […]

[…] not reached $2000 yet. ALMOST!  I have a dream.. that one day… it will breach $2000.  What a weird dream, […]

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