How to do REAL SEO Part 1

What is SEO?  It is Search Engine Optimization.  It is what you need to do to get yourself well ranked in Google according to keyword searches.  Sure, you can go ahead and use google keyword search tool (for free) and look at all the “medium” and “high” competition keywords…. but that is CHILD’S PLAY.

I want to introduce you to the real world of SEO.  Go ahead.  Take the blue pill.

And yes…I’ve got training from the best.  So I know a shit ton about SEO.  I asked my friend who happens to also be my SEO mentor would it be okay to share these secrets – he said sure.

This will probably be a 7 part series because the training I went through was 4 years of SEO work condensed into a very short period.

I will make it easy for you (even though in its entirety you are going to be schooled hardcore about what REAL SEO is like)

If you want it to be even easier, hire Billy.  Or just email me your questions.

Ready? K, Down the Rabbit Hole ==>

Download the following programs:






That’s it.  That’s enough for now.  Like I said, I’m making this easy for you.



So I don’t need makeup or my hair down when I am working.  But I can go without the bags under my eyes.  Or having the bloodshot look.  I can do without that as well.

A little update.  I am on my 5th car for the Autodismantling company, biotches!   And I am NOT bankrupt yet….  And the dropship company is doing better than ever.

Realization: I am comfortable being a hermit.  I can work for long, long hours just by myself.  But human interaction helps maintain my productivity.  If I don’t interact with others once in awhile I will burn out and you’d sometimes find me rocking back and forth by myself in a corner of the warehouse [you wish I was kidding].

Worries/Concerns:  I know technology only assists with business and not so much the foundation of one.  Therefore I am focusing almost all my energy on execution and training.  But I am smothering the side that is screaming for me to work on a FANTASTIC website for the industry.  That creativity will be smothered until I feel I can take on the technology without being so burdened by the tasks involved with operations.

So things are okay so far.  I’ve also…..just entered into some kind’ve exclusive relationship.  With a boy.  I wonder how this will go.  I’m optimistic.

  How To Start A Mailing List With Mailchimp

Again, back to my Seth Godin obsession.  Seth starts his 3 Day Startup event talking about what you will encounter as an entrepreneur but at the very end he focuses in on a really important idea I want to reiterate: Building an online presence and a following is really important.

Why is that?

Say for whatever reason you created a mailing list.  Now instead of having 2-3 friends’ opinions, you get 10,000.  Sure, you can have facebook, but really… not everyone will go on facebook all the time.  However, everyone will check their emails at least 5-10 times a day.  GAURANTEED.  And all it really takes is one click for them to go from their inbox to your message.  Now you are in the realm of the “heard”.  All you need to do is build your following.

Seth also highlights the importance of things being share-able but first only to a select niche.  Because all you really need is a few people to like what you have to hear but more importantly feel compelled to share what you have to say.  That small tiny group can then expand because they will self propagate your message {And really, it doesn’t matter what your message may be… as long as you make it feel share-able.)

Therefore I feel like I should tell you guys about (more…)


 How to Bypass the Subscription Fee Forever & “The Hardest Part”

My very smart and Dr. to be bro just told me this hack yesterday.  He reads The New York Times.  Noticed that it went from 20 free articles a month to 15 and now it’s down to 5.  So you can actually read all articles for free if you use google’s “Incognito” chrome browsing to browse around.  The reason for this is because during “Incognito” mode, no cookies are stored.  Therefore, no footprint.  By the way, I am not talking about a real baked cookie.



Nice, quick workaround eh?  And you didn’t even have to download anything! Shiiiiiieeet.  My brother says, “You’re welcome.”

I go through phases of listening to amazing thought provoking individuals who are generous enough to make the effort into letting their voices be heard either through video or audio or a blog.  Right now the flavor of the month is Seth Godin – a distinct HUMAN flavor. (more…)

  How to Build a Website Part 1, Get rid of the smell of #2, and Other Ramblings

I’ve been sitting on an ebook I’ve written 30 pages of for the longest time about building a website.  I honestly thought it would be 5 pages but the screenshots made it expand to 30.  Since no one will stand for a 30 page blog post, I will start with Part 1 of this ebook.  When I finish this series I will make it available for free on the site as well as in complete ebook form.  It’s the only way for me to pull it out from under my ass for it to be seen by the good people of the internet.

Speaking about bottoms, later on I will show you how to get rid of the smell of your #2 with a few sprays.

Let’s begin then, shall we?

 How to Build a Website Part 1

Building a website is much like cooking.  You have to do steps in sequence and depending on what you see/taste (you shouldn’t taste your computer, though) you adjust accordingly.

1) Go and sign up for a domain name.  There is ($9.98/yr) , ($4.99/yr) , ($9.99/yr). Let’s start with the basics and let’s keep it simple.  A domain name is a URL that points to where you keep your website.  Think of it as a big morbidly obese finger. (more…)

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