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REAL SEO Archives - Passive Income Marathon

Who is Lilly Singh?

Stumbled upon this hilarioussssss woman and I have to preach her bio.

Brief biography:

Youtube handle: iisuperwomanii

Age: 25

Birthday: September 26, 1988

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Married: Nope. From the sound of it.  She just doesn’t want to.  So leave her alone.

College: She graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Merchandise store: Unicorn Island

How did she get famous?: She started making videos in 2010 expecting many hate comments as she is a brown female comedian.  However, to her surprise the youtube community welcomed her.  She preaches love, kindness, and she “keeps it realz” in her rants/skits.  She treats her youtube videos as her job and since it is her main stream of income – it is her job.  Her job is to make you laugh and she is pretty good at doing it.  Since youtube is her job – she has a pretty fine job, only having to show up Tuesdays and Thursdays for 5 minutes every week and making MILLIONS.

Check out her video below:

Social handles –

Twitter: iisuperwomanii

Facebook: iisuperwomanii

Instagram: iisuperwomanii

Youtube: iisuperwomanii






Yup.  That’s right.  Another SEO experiment blog.  View the screenshot below on searches for her: SEE YA IN 3 MONTHS WITH TRAFFIC RESULTS!

lilly_singh_SEO_2 lilly_singh_seo

Also, my goal for my worth of web is to break 2K in worth… so far it is creeping closer.  But not there yet.

Worth as of 8 11 14

Worth as of 8 11 14

Who Is Anthony Padilla?

So…who is he?


Name: Anthony Padilla

Age: 26

Birthday: September 16, 1987

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 158 lbs

Does he have a girlfriend?: Yes. Engaged to her.

Founded: SMOSH productions.

Interesting stuff: He sleepwalks and he grinds his teeth at night.  He also suffers from panic attacks.

How did he get famous?: He made youtube videos with his friend Ian which involved mostly comedy skits.

Subscribers as of now: 18 Million.

He is the guy with the long hair.


Youtube channel here.

Smosh wiki.

You guessed it..  This is my second SEO experiment!  The first one went so well, I decided to follow up with a biography of Anthony Padilla.  He is a tiny bit more popular than Yousef Erakat with 8K searches for his name/month.  Unlike other biography pages, I will keep mine short.  Very short.  Almost frustratingly short.

Who is Anthony Padilla?

Anthony Padilla Searches WHOA ALMOST 9,000/MONTH!!!

Yes.  I am going for the big fish this time.

Actually, the world asks.. I will answer.

Who is Anthony Padilla?

Anthony Padilla Key Words

  • Anthony Padilla Girlfriend: Kalel Cullen
  • Anthony Padilla Shirtless: Sorry.
  • Anthony Padilla Twitter: Here.
  • Anthony Padilla Height: 5′ 11″
  • Anthony Padilla Mexican: Maybe. Definitely Native American and 1/4th Filipino.
  • Anthony Padilla Age: 26
  • How old is Anthony Padilla: 26
  • How Tall is Anthony Padilla: 5′ 11″
  • Anthony Padilla Birthday: September 16, 1987
  • Is Anthony Padilla Married: Not yet.
  • Is Anthony Padilla Gay?: No

Okay.  I got too tired answering these repetitive questions.  I will update you guys in a few months.  Till then!

Behind the scenes of YOAST SEO plugin for WordPress:  My overall score is still a good one for this page.  However, look at what I am too lazy to fix below:


Behind the scenes!

What have I been up to? I went to a wedding.

Hang and Thoai's Wedding

Hang and Thoai’s Wedding

I climbed Corrugation Corner at lover’s leap!  It is a 500 feet tall, 3 pitch climb.  It took from 8:30ish – 4PM.  Pictures will be added later.

Fuck yes.

Then I relaxed at a hot spring in Bishop.

Hotspring in Bishop

Chillin’ without my millions


 SEO Update & Yousef Erakat (AKA FOUSEYTUBE)

So like I told you guys I am going to provide an update from my SEO experiment.

3 Months ago almost exactly (on March 5th, 2014) I decided to write about an up and coming youtube dude named Yousef Erakat.  I wrote … a few bullet points.

The term is searched roughly 5,000/month & online there wasn’t any biography of this big butt comedian/student/youtubian.  I chose the term “Who is Yousef Erakat” as my keyword phrase for the blog post.

3 months ago: My worth of web was around $215.


July 2nd 2014 Worth Of Web

July 2nd 2014 Worth Of Web






17 Days after I wrote that post, I was ranked past the 11th page of Google.

I am now on the first page for “who is yousef erakat” and on the second page of google for simply “yousef erakat”.  Right under the very link to his Youtube Channel.

First Page Of Google For Who Is Yousef Erakat Phrase

First Page Of Google For Who Is Yousef Erakat Phrase


The peepz shared this post

The peepz shared this post… like they had rabies.

AND… I started getting emails….. ABOUT YOUSEF.

2014-07-02_2230I said it would take 3-4 months for a phrase with low competition and a high search (5000/month is not exactly THAT high…) for you to travel to the first page of google for that particular phrase.

BAM. Proof.

Thanks for being a part of this experiment, dude!

Thanks for being a part of this experiment, dude!

Stay tuned… for the next SEO experiment!



So in my last post I spoke about how the keyword phrase “Yousef Erakat Biography” is searched 5,000 times a month but has extremely low competition.

I wrote that post on MARCH 5TH, 2014.

It has been only 17 days.

My blog already is getting visitors from that keyword phrase and is ranked on the 2nd page of google.


Yousef Erakat Search

Yes.  I get hits for “Cartoon Finger”.


Yousef Erakat Search

Right under IMBD, yo.

But don’t fool yousefs (yourselves).

SEO takes at least 3-4 months to matriculate anywhere for a real business.

This was just a test.  That worked.  If you have any SEO related questions for me please do not hesitate to ask.

Search for “Yousef Erakat biography”.  See me on the 2nd page.  Let’s see what happens a month from now.

How to do REAL SEO Part 1

What is SEO?  It is Search Engine Optimization.  It is what you need to do to get yourself well ranked in Google according to keyword searches.  Sure, you can go ahead and use google keyword search tool (for free) and look at all the “medium” and “high” competition keywords…. but that is CHILD’S PLAY.

I want to introduce you to the real world of SEO.  Go ahead.  Take the blue pill.

And yes…I’ve got training from the best.  So I know a shit ton about SEO.  I asked my friend who happens to also be my SEO mentor would it be okay to share these secrets – he said sure.

This will probably be a 7 part series because the training I went through was 4 years of SEO work condensed into a very short period.

I will make it easy for you (even though in its entirety you are going to be schooled hardcore about what REAL SEO is like)

If you want it to be even easier, hire Billy.  Or just email me your questions.

Ready? K, Down the Rabbit Hole ==>

Download the following programs:

1) SEObook.com

2) Majesticseo.com

3) SEMrush.com

4) IMglory.com


That’s it.  That’s enough for now.  Like I said, I’m making this easy for you.



So I don’t need makeup or my hair down when I am working.  But I can go without the bags under my eyes.  Or having the bloodshot look.  I can do without that as well.

A little update.  I am on my 5th car for the Autodismantling company, biotches!   And I am NOT bankrupt yet….  And the dropship company is doing better than ever.

Realization: I am comfortable being a hermit.  I can work for long, long hours just by myself.  But human interaction helps maintain my productivity.  If I don’t interact with others once in awhile I will burn out and you’d sometimes find me rocking back and forth by myself in a corner of the warehouse [you wish I was kidding].

Worries/Concerns:  I know technology only assists with business and not so much the foundation of one.  Therefore I am focusing almost all my energy on execution and training.  But I am smothering the side that is screaming for me to work on a FANTASTIC website for the industry.  That creativity will be smothered until I feel I can take on the technology without being so burdened by the tasks involved with operations.

So things are okay so far.  I’ve also…..just entered into some kind’ve exclusive relationship.  With a boy.  I wonder how this will go.  I’m optimistic.

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