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“Everything around you that you call Life was made up of people who are no smarter than you.” – Steve Jobs.

So you can change and mold life to whatever you want it to be, basically.

For years of my life I have given in to my parents’ pressure of going down this road.  Every other word was uttered with extreme fear of the unknown and traveling a safe road would be best.  Even though every inch of my being wanted something else completely – I kept trying a path I hated to travel.  Maybe that was why I kept changing my mind, pretending to friends and families about something that wasn’t even relevant to their life – my career goals.

It wasn’t after a messy breakup, countless attempts to do something my heart wasn’t even into, that I decided to say the hell with it.

I’m done with trying paths my heart wasn’t passionate about.  Because I will never be able to live with myself.  Because what I discovered through this journey called “Life” was that I would never be successful due to self sabotage if it’s not something I will fall in love with.  And it wasn’t until I recognized this pattern in myself that was able to let go.

In letting go there is no more fear.  Fear of failure? Forget it.  Fear of backstabbing?  Been there, survived it, continuing to live life trusting again.  Fear of being broke?  I know English, right?  I can communicate?  I’ll be okay.  Fear of being taken advantage of?  Nope.  I am too damn smart for that.  Many of my fears are eliminated.

And I am most happy living this way.



Posting from underneath the sheets of my bed after having woken up from one of those states of unintentionally falling asleep due to total exhaustion. 3:42AM. Raw.

I was thinking of simple demotivators and how next time I will try to avoid them with more intention. Like I am ashamed of the recklessness that went into allowing such demotivators to exist.

Like a hangnail or taking the act of cutting my fingernails a little too far. Now parts of my fingertips ache and that dull pain however little demotivates me.

I attended a free webinar at 8am yesterday hosted by Dainis Graveris about jumping into freelancing and how now is the best time to do so.  It was informative and because of that I decided to attend their next webinar starting at 11am EST today.

They spoke of having the ability to motivate yourself and work in solitary confinement for the better part of each day. Being your own boss requires you to let go of the fear of any paycheck uncertainty.

I was quite fearless of all of this until these points were highlighted. Suddenly working in the warehouse by myself becomes a little bit more lonely. The silence became louder. So I invited some people in and I turned on netflix for background noise and I had breakfast with a business mentor at a local café.

Next time: don’t be so reckless with distractions because not having a 9-5  can enable a 24/7 destructive cycle of distractions if you let it.


 How to Bypass the Subscription Fee Forever & “The Hardest Part”

My very smart and Dr. to be bro just told me this hack yesterday.  He reads The New York Times.  Noticed that it went from 20 free articles a month to 15 and now it’s down to 5.  So you can actually read all articles for free if you use google’s “Incognito” chrome browsing to browse around.  The reason for this is because during “Incognito” mode, no cookies are stored.  Therefore, no footprint.  By the way, I am not talking about a real baked cookie.



Nice, quick workaround eh?  And you didn’t even have to download anything! Shiiiiiieeet.  My brother says, “You’re welcome.”

I go through phases of listening to amazing thought provoking individuals who are generous enough to make the effort into letting their voices be heard either through video or audio or a blog.  Right now the flavor of the month is Seth Godin – a distinct HUMAN flavor. (more…)

The Real Hours of a Non-Disruptive Startup

Some of my friends have asked me what exactly is it that I do… dance around in my warehouse all day?  (I secretly grow a warehouse filled with weed, after all, they don’t call this the “high” desert for ain’t no good reason).


Don’t be silly.

There are two types of start ups and two types of entrepreneurs (or so I’ve been schooled).  Of course there might be more but that isn’t relevant to this post.


How to Do Online Dating

Let’s face it.  Everyone needs this.  RADIO needs this.  Because I can rap about everything except for Jesus! (Woa, strange tangent there…)

And I am suuuuuuuuch a pro by now that I can clearly give advice on this matter.

I have been through horrible, life-changing, soul crushing disappointments and have lived to tell the tale.  No, for some reason life didn’t hand me the card of “meet the love of your life in high school and stay with him until you are 80” type of ordeal.  Life handed me a wild card.  So wild that by now I won’t be surprised by almost anything.  But hey – I emerged from it pretty damn deliriously happy so I just want to put in my 2 cents.

A close friend of mine recently started venturing into the world of online dating and she was detailing me her trials and tribulations because I have “been there” and “done that” and “is still doing that” –  I just feel compelled to write this blog post.   And I have many friends talk to me about their online dating experience as if they are noobs.  (Does this mean I am “seasoned”?  Sounds nasty coming from a female – doesn’t it?  Sounds like 3 weeks old cabbage sitting in the back of your fridge)  I just don’t want you to get “pawned” when entering the world of online dating.

Below I will write two guides.  A female guide as well as a male guide. (more…)

So I am here to preach to you how LOGMEIN.com is.. you know.  You already know!  But I want to be redundant on purpose, so here goes….

Why? Because you can remotely control anyone’s computer as long as you have an internet connection + a working browser.

That’s it! At a moment’s notice, you can suddenly take control. You can talk to your “NEO” and tell him/her to “follow the rabbit”.

There is only one caveat.


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