Hi, my name is Kim.

This is a blog dedicated to my online ecommerce adventures, what I can teach you through these trials and tribulations….and personal ramblings along the way.  It is to encourage friends that certain things are possible.  Online at least.  Sorry, you still can’t levitate.

So, about my ecommerce & online money making experience…




I read an ebook on dropshipping & implemented it:

As of May 20, 2013:

Dropshipping on Ebay

Dropshipping on Ebay

I love webcomics and took a stab at getting some revenue through adsense & did it.  Mind you, this is without any form of advertising for around 20-30 strips of outdated drawings I’ve made:

Adsense from Lolpartdeux webcomics

Adsense from Lolpartdeux webcomics

I heard about Elance and Odesk.  I hired a person from Bangladesh but I thought why not sign up myself and see if I can make another penny doing something online.  With a profile that is 60% finished, I landed the lucrative position of writing a few articles for a survivalist website and viola!:




I started selling car parts on eBay with my own inventory.

A car I will be strippin’ soon:



I find trying to navigate the world of ecommerce as an incredibly exciting adventure to embark upon.  I plunge after what I want without inhibition – even if I am making PENNIES.  But why not?  I am learning and seeing the strangest sights on a weekly basis.

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Also… I have written in journals for (I’ve calculated this) 60% of my whole life…

All my life


All my life 2

A small portion of all my journals.

So there is almost a daily itch I have to scratch in terms of written self expression.  I’ve been spamming my friends for a long time so now rather than spam I will expose myself to The Internets.

It would be foolish to say I did everything on my own.  I am a driving force of these projects but it is the advice and aid of wonderful friends, family, and mentors who enabled me to accomplish some of the tasks above.  Shout out to Lynn Nguyen, my dropshipping partner who always manages to be roped up in my schemes.  From starting a live butterfly release service to dropshipping.  Shout out to Huy Giang, a friend who helped pushed me to take the final leap in starting an automobile dismantling company.  My family who supports me 100% in all my projects no matter how crazy or far-fetched my plans sound.  Shout out to many other friends who didn’t regard my ramblings as those of a madwoman but accepted the spam with their good hearts.

In conclusion I am a twentysomething entrepreneur with a poetic disposition.


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