I remember a conversation I had with my dad (he’s 74) and while we were talking I told him I wanted to be financially free and essentially “retired” by the time I’m 33 and he chuckled like I’m some naive crazy fool.  He told me with a laugh, “Don’t be silly!  You are retiring at age 60.  Like a regular person.”  I was thinking… 30 more years till retirement?  Holy shit, I thought, if I really want to achieve my goal.  I better run.

Hence “Passive Income Marathon” is born.  My old site got hacked and I pretty much lost everything because being stubborn, I decided “fuck the old hosting company, I’m switching to another one”.  When I made the switch I cut ties with the old hosting company who didn’t save any of my stuff.


This is my personal journey towards financial freedom.

My goal is to be financially free at age 33.  When I say financially free I mean that I’m no longer chasing after my next dolla.

Life-wise, I’m doing okay.  I’m not stuck in any 9 to 5.  I have no boss.  No one is going to fire me.

The next bit will be along run on sentence.

Last year, as only remembered through facebook since my blog crapped out on me, I went to three countries (Vietnam, Japan, and China) for travel and visited 41 cities.  I’ll list as many as I can remember…

Rancho Cucamonga – great indoor rock climbing (Hanger 18), Twentynine Palms (Shared a hot springs experience with my friend Stephen after rock climbing), Went canoeing down black canyon river in Nevada starting at the Hoover Dam.  My first time deep water soloing, Las Vegas – went to an ecommerce conference and also did multi-pitch climbs at Red rock (Crimson Chrysalis, Cat in the Hat, Birdland), Guilin – Beautiful city in China, Huntington Beach – biked around and enjoyed the beach in general, Adelanto, Victorville – enjoyed a ton of stand up comedy enjoyed with my friend Valerie, Idyllwild CA – Multipitch rock climbed with my friend Elliot.  We did Traitor’s Horn and The Long Climb.  Ojai CA, Irvine, Ca – went to some SEO marketing conferences and wordpress development meetups, Calabasis CA, Big bear lake – celebrated 4th of July, also went there to rock climb at Holcomb several times, Mammoth lakes – Skiied as well as went rock climbing, Boulder City NV, Henderson NV, Anaheim CA – visited some home fries, Costa Mesa CA, Tustin CA, Fullerton CA, Riverside CA – rock climbed at the Quarry as well as climbing indoor at Hanger 18, Gardena CA, Long Beach CA, Bishop CA – bouldered at Happys, JT – rock climbed as well as camped and shot some guns, Santa Ana CA – visited my parents countless of times, Vung Tau – visited a beach in vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam – met some entrepreneurs who I still converse with till this day, Vinh Long Vietnam – visited my real home town, Hoi An – went biking around in this lazy touristy town of central Vietnam, Sa Pa – lived with a family in a very rural beautiful rice patty village where the entire house was made of wood and there was barely any electricity and no refridgerator, Ha Long – did Yoga on a boat surrounded by thousand of islands, squid fishing at night, explored caves, Karoake with a bunch of australians.  Rescued a dog that was left out to die, POTTY TRAINED a dog from its infancy, waking up at 2am freezing my ass off begging the puppy to pee so I can put it back in its kennel.  Harold is very healthy and being loved by my parents.  He loves them and they love him back.  I love him as well.

I made 209 new facebook friends, which meant I met briefly for some moment in time, 209 new people.  I’ve followed some amazing climbers up walls anywhere from 600 ft to 1000 ft.  I’ve climbed at night, I’ve gotten lost as shit wandering around in the dark for hours, I’ve frozen my ass off limping back to the cabin after skiing, I’ve ran around in the rain in China, I’ve climbed in the rain at Mammoth, I’ve gone camping where showering was the last thing on my mind because the view was so damn beautiful.  Fuck being clean.

Some random pictures of my adventures:

SCROLL FAST IF YOU WANT TO SKIP THIS PART.  Essentially… TL,DL [too long, don’t look] it is “me! me! me and friends! me again!”.


All of this meanwhile running an auto dismantling business that I started from scratch (3+ years and running), a slowly dying subscription based business, a fulfillment company, and started an import company that is “blowing up” in my humble opinion.

But I gotta still chase for the next dollar.  To fund these projects, I find myself always chasing.

What I want to do is stop the chase.  RUN the marathon and then rest.  Permanently.  I started reading up on all these “passive income” methods and while I’m still gung ho tryin’ta make da dolla…. I’m going to embark on a marathon to change my income into something more passive.

Like Ali Wong… I don’t really want to lean in.  I want to lie the FUCK down.

Everything I learn is pretty much googling the shit out of everything.  And watching How-To videos.

The future as I see it is…. people financially support you because you know enough about something and you provide them value whether it is in video form or some type of written form.  So people basically support your life simply because you EXIST and you are not a silent person hiding underneath a rock!  What a dream!  I saw some of my friends start chasing this dream.  Some friends have become coaches and are well on their way with everything automated.  Other friends stayed behind ecommerce curtains while they have multiple empires.  I just want to let out a deep guttural HORRAAHHH or a meak “you go girl!”, whenever I see their content pop up because the hustle they have is so real and admirable.  And when the youtube video or the Vimeo video ends and there’s that BLACK SCREEN staring back at me while I wait for it to load… I see my eyes staring back at me.

The other friday after staff left for homeI found myself pulling 40 ft by 40 ft sheets of tarp over inventory IN THE RAIN surrounded by four craigslist random labor hires where the only light that came shining down on us was the one I purchased from Osh the day before.  Because holy shit I said yes to a project that is bigger in magnitude than I can handle.  I crawled to bed..exhausted.  I’m working hard as fuck, but…  Am I working smart?  I’m still figuring it out.

The goal of this website is to eventually give enough value so that one day I don’t keep to keep on running this marathon.  That goal is 3 years from now.

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A lot of posts were recovered from my old blog (kimpossibledang.com) so a lot of posts will reference Kimpossibledang.  I did not back up 2016 so there are no posts from last year (sadly) but all the other years were recovered.  So that’s a win in my book.

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