Get out of your comfort zone, they say.

For the past year I’ve plunged myself WAY out of my comfort zone and you know what I’ve discovered?  I like my comfort zone.  I should have stayed in my comfort zone.  Now I’m finding my way back to my comfort zone.

Anywho, to tangent off of that, currently I’m reading Lilly Singh’s “How to be a bawse” and it’s quite a light/entertaining read.

I just want to take the time to jot down some notes here:

What are three things you must do but find absolutely terrifying?

  1. Actually sit down and learn.  Like actually learn about digital marketing instead of half assing it.
  2. Spend many hours inventorying/doing hard labor (yes, I have people who help, but no, I am still the one who needs to figure things out about what goes where)
  3. Sell sell sell.


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