How To Transfer Files from Your Android to PC

  1. Download the app SHARElink on your android. Open it.
  2. Download Sharelink on your PC.
  3. Choose pictures on your android.
  4. Choose your PC device on your android.
  5. Click “Share”
  6. It will share what you have chosen to share to a folder (usually your downloads folder on your PC) where you can later move to an external hard drive or something.

It took me FOREVER to figure this out (20 minutes of googling and trying out other things).  You’re welcome.



Figuring out Hollander Powerlink

Oh boy.  Where to begin?  It is a f*cking nightmare.  Customer support never mails you back but at least you can get them on the phone.  The good thing about powerlink is that I can change my item’s templates at anytime.  So that’s pretty cool.  And subtitles are free.  That is pretty damn cool as well.  But it will take me at least a few more days of tweaking until I get this running correctly.   And with NO interruptions.

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