Who Is Yousef Erakat?

Who Is Yousef Erakat?

So, who is he?

I was introduced by the video below and I almost DIED.

Them buns are fiiiiioooonnneeee, girl!

Then I went online to google him and there was no real biography page existing anywhere.

So here is your biography.

Name: Yousef Erakat

Age: 24

Height: 5’11

Does he have a girlfriend?: No

School: San Jose State

Race: Palestinian American

Has: Biceps & Triceps

How did it all start?: He was a theatre student and he wrote a business plan and used social media consistently, hustled, and worked hard to provide entertainment via Youtube concentrating on topics such as being Muslim, Terrorism, Racism which led to other skits involving Kidnapping, random pranks, and Drake.  Yeah. Drake.

Subscribers on youtube as of now: 1,446,275.

When did he started getting popular?: 2012




His Youtube channel here.


A lesson in SEO

Take a phrase that is searched a fair amount a month… that has low competition… and write about it.

Let’s see what happens?


I will show you the before and after traffic.

Stay tuned!

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Kim Dang

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THAT was HIIIIIlarious girl! But seriously, my butt can’t compete with his. It’s too jiggly.

But really, what I’m really interested in are the SEO results. Still trying to wrap my head around it and get it right. So just take a low competition search result and write about it. I’ve been trying to do that but hasn’t helped. Did you use the search on SEO book to figure out your terms?

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I just use YOAST (wordpress plugin) and I follow their guidelines. If you google “who is yousef erakat” now I am on the first page of google for that search term. Crazy eh?

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After 1 day of posting that post, my viewership shot up from 47 visitors/day to 78 visitors. I searched using google keyword tools. But this experiment is quick and rudimentary.

What phrases have you targeted?

You look gorgeous and seems pretty smart, can I marry you?

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