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When I Stretch Myself Too Thin, This Is What Ends Up Happening
When I Stretch Myself Too Thin, This Is What Ends Up Happening.

When I Stretch Myself Too Thin, This Is What Ends Up Happening:

I don't give a fuck about my socks matching anymore.

I don’t give a fuck about my socks matching anymore.  Not that they ever consistently matched anyway.  In either texture or brand or color.  Mis-matching can be a three way.  But not that kind of three way.

It almost looks like I have the case of a phantom foot.

Stretching thin means thinking I can take on everything, dipping my feet (LOOK ABOVE) into everything and fooling myself into believing I have enough energy to take it ALL on.

My personal trainer Casey, whom I hired to make me become healthier, unfortunately does not have a cell phone.  He calls me every other morning from the fitness gym in a  soft friendly voice, “Are you awake yet?  You still coming at 7AM?” to which I groggily answer back “Yessss” with half a bit of drool dangling from the corner of my chapped mouth.

I am in better shape than ever but that fooled me into believing I can take on running the automobile dismantling business  AND AND…

Coordinating a website developing team from a third world country.

Embarking on creating a possible SaaS company with a fellow who I happened to message on Youtube and who happened to be local enough to meet up with me and agree on trying this shit out.

Having a boyfriend who goes rock climbing four days out of the week.  Learning how to cook better.

Taking auto classes at a nearby college (I got an A+ on my first test… which proves… I care way too much when grades don’t even matter anymore at this point.)

Meeting up with a blogging group on Saturdays to spurn myself to blog more.

Hiking/Rock climbing/Running/ETCETCETC. ETC.

Then I realize….

my socks are no longer matching.

I have to admit to myself I haven’t been showering daily. I know, gross.

I wake up at 6AM going FUCK IT ALL!!!!

I wake up at 3AM and read tons and tons of random wiki-trivia about movies only to fall back to sleep again till 6AM.

I am in the middle of conversations with 6 different people at the office while I am hold on the phone, skyping with someone, on gchat with others, on my cell, remotely controlling two other computers, talking to a person in front of my face, and jotting down notes onto a calendar behind my back in which I would have to swivel my chair and WHY DON’T I PUT THE CALENDAR IN FRONT OF ME INSTEAD? WHY DID I PIN IT TO THE WALL SO I WOULD HAVE TO DO A SPIN EVERYTIME I NEED TO REMIND MYSELF OF SOMETHING?

And there’s EPA compliance, and hoses I need to buy, and Schedule C forms, and we ran out of plastic bags, and three different people needing important answers, and 5 customers want to return something, and Fedex broke a package to which I would have to resolve with a claim, and a computer needs to be rebooted and completely reconfigured….and… I find myself waking up curled into a fetal position each morning dreading the long LONG day ahead.

Stumbling back home at night, my roommate makes some quesadillas which normally I would not eat but being stretched too thin I forget I am lactose intolerant and I gobble up some with glee only to regret it later while I am in the bathroom –


So this post was pointless.  It is realizing sometimes stretching yourself so damn thin could mean wanting to re-evaluate everything.  I end up promising everyone everything, fulfilling what they need with LENGTHY DELAYS, and just taking care of shit while I am flying on my tippy toes.

I envy those who can keep everything altogether in a neat and tidy pink bow of life.

Obviously I have my priorities all straightened out.

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Kim Dang

Comments (2)

This was entertaining!

Just a thought in sharing my own experience…There were days when I felt like this too. Days when things don’t go as smoothly as I like. Days when my socks don’t match either or I get bombarded by things at work and felt like I have to get everything done in one day. One day I just decided to control only what I could and not get bogged down by the rest.

Control is an illusion and you define what you believe that illusion to look like…easier said than done, right? I found google calendar and a whole new system of organizing. I calendar everything now, from deadlines and appointments at work (obviously) to deadlines for blog posts and research for hiking. Then I rate those things in importance. I even tell people who pop there head over my desk to ask me a quick question (though no question is ever quick), to come back at a certain time when I am free. And then I calender them in, LOL!

A little anal retentive? Possibly. But it’s released many things from my mind so I have mental energy to focus on the task at hand.

I still have issues getting dressed…but that’s cuz I wake up before at 4:30am. Everything else is manageable, though not all of it may be possible.

Thanks for the comment! ! I do tell people who ask for my attention at 6am in the morning that I am not fully awake yet and we will discuss it later. I should pencil people in more instead of just… remembering it vaguely until they poke at me again. Maybe it will relieve more stress. Waking up at 4:30 seems brutal!

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