Keep Calm and Cook On

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So for the past month I feel a little more panicked than usual.

I moved to a desert town by myself in April.

Contrary to popular belief I did not move to the desert to cook (meth).

It is to start an autodismantling business in the middle of nowhere (which usually doesn’t matter all too much because most of my sales are international/out of state).  The feeling of going from a 9-5 stable job every single day to tackling a business venture with no safety net didn’t feel like a sudden jolt out of what I was used to.  It felt like a breath of fresh air I have been dying to breathe for the longest while.

I grew the business to a decent size in the span of 5 months by hiring necessary workers, developing relationships with shop owners/scrap metal recyclers/catalytic converter recyclers/battery-buying people/tire buying people/rim buying people/business mentors, replaced all my hats with good people, outsourced some, negotiated like crazy for everything I had to gather or purchase…

I even got a boyfriend.

Now it is the fifth month and I feel panicked. I am running out of space.  I am getting help from the locals – which feels really nice… but I am running out of space and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed.

I am looking into getting a virtual assistant – which is something I should’ve been doing from the get-go.  I cry randomly from mood swings due to my period.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve severely underestimated the magnitude of this business.  Most of the time I feel like I can take it on and failure might lead to homelessness but I believe I am a hustler enough to not let that be the death of me.

I am 100% sure this business will give me financial freedom since it is scalable.  I just need to set the building blocks in place.  I am doing this so I don’t have to be chained down to a 9-5.  I am doing this so I don’t need to work for another person because I can make my own income now.  I could’ve used the savings I have to travel the world but then I would start at the beginning again trying to build a company at a later stage in life where maybe I would have possibly more money but possibly less energy.

I need all the help I can get.  And asking for help seems to be 50% of my efforts right now.

Sometimes I read stories about people starting their own company and selling theirs for 50,000,000 to the competition after 13 months of operation and I am discouraged.  Nevermind that stories like those stem from technology start-ups.  That is the future.  Technology start ups are risky but they are high reward if you can market your product to the right customers.  I keep reminding myself that I need to keep my cool so I can push forward.

Recently I got a call from my friend who is getting her MBA at UCI.  She called me freaking out about not being able to find a blue collar worker to do a task for her.  And the task was not complicated at all.  I knew exactly what she should do… it made me feel good.

But I am still freaking out.  Then I stumble upon an old acquintance’s blog and I realize their balls are quite larger than mine and that I should put away my tea party and STFU about my worries.

Things to do:

1) Morning jogs

2) Hire Virtual Assistant

3) Create more training material

4) Seek out more business mentors

5) Call customers & ask for more feedback

6) Remember to keep calm and carry on.

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