How To Uninstall A Magento Extension

How To Uninstall A Magento Extension

I should start with how to even use Magento but I will backtrack and create the links later.  What is Magento?  It is an ecommerce platform used to sell stuff.  What is the extension I am trying to get rid of? M2E which helps sync ebay items to the magento store.

This tutorial is all about uninstalling a magento extension so you can re-install it because if you are anything like me you will click around until you fuck it up.  Then you hate yourself for 1 minute before you take a deep breath and do it all over again from the beginning.


Log into your magento administration panel.




Click the dropdown menu besides the extension name and and choose “Uninstall”.  Then click “Commit Changes”.




TA DA!  Done and done.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!




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Kim Dang

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Like it, and I “liked” your page on Facebook. But I think you should have been a tiny bit more specific about where to find the Magento Connect Manager (under the “System” drop-down, then “Magento Connect”). I found it right away, but then I’m much smarter than the average Magento user 🙂

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Thank you for your comment! I will revise the post to include that step. Any other suggestions?

thanks baby

thanks for posting!

Thanks its very helpfull

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You are welcome! Come back anytime or let me know what other tutorials you would like to see.

Hey there, thanks for this article. I have an ill-behaved copy of M2E Pro which does not appear in the Magento Connect Manager – wondering if you’ve ever seen this and/or if you know of a brute force or manual way to uninstall an extension.

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