How to do SEO Part 1

How to do REAL SEO Part 1

What is SEO?  It is Search Engine Optimization.  It is what you need to do to get yourself well ranked in Google according to keyword searches.  Sure, you can go ahead and use google keyword search tool (for free) and look at all the “medium” and “high” competition keywords…. but that is CHILD’S PLAY.

I want to introduce you to the real world of SEO.  Go ahead.  Take the blue pill.

And yes…I’ve got training from the best.  So I know a shit ton about SEO.  I asked my friend who happens to also be my SEO mentor would it be okay to share these secrets – he said sure.

This will probably be a 7 part series because the training I went through was 4 years of SEO work condensed into a very short period.

I will make it easy for you (even though in its entirety you are going to be schooled hardcore about what REAL SEO is like)

If you want it to be even easier, hire Billy.  Or just email me your questions.

Ready? K, Down the Rabbit Hole ==>

Download the following programs:






That’s it.  That’s enough for now.  Like I said, I’m making this easy for you.



So I don’t need makeup or my hair down when I am working.  But I can go without the bags under my eyes.  Or having the bloodshot look.  I can do without that as well.

A little update.  I am on my 5th car for the Autodismantling company, biotches!   And I am NOT bankrupt yet….  And the dropship company is doing better than ever.

Realization: I am comfortable being a hermit.  I can work for long, long hours just by myself.  But human interaction helps maintain my productivity.  If I don’t interact with others once in awhile I will burn out and you’d sometimes find me rocking back and forth by myself in a corner of the warehouse [you wish I was kidding].

Worries/Concerns:  I know technology only assists with business and not so much the foundation of one.  Therefore I am focusing almost all my energy on execution and training.  But I am smothering the side that is screaming for me to work on a FANTASTIC website for the industry.  That creativity will be smothered until I feel I can take on the technology without being so burdened by the tasks involved with operations.

So things are okay so far.  I’ve also…..just entered into some kind’ve exclusive relationship.  With a boy.  I wonder how this will go.  I’m optimistic.

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Kim Dang

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Thanks for the tips!!!

Wow! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design.
Excellent choice of colors!

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