Posting from underneath the sheets of my bed after having woken up from one of those states of unintentionally falling asleep due to total exhaustion. 3:42AM. Raw.

I was thinking of simple demotivators and how next time I will try to avoid them with more intention. Like I am ashamed of the recklessness that went into allowing such demotivators to exist.

Like a hangnail or taking the act of cutting my fingernails a little too far. Now parts of my fingertips ache and that dull pain however little demotivates me.

I attended a free webinar at 8am yesterday hosted by Dainis Graveris about jumping into freelancing and how now is the best time to do so.  It was informative and because of that I decided to attend their next webinar starting at 11am EST today.

They spoke of having the ability to motivate yourself and work in solitary confinement for the better part of each day. Being your own boss requires you to let go of the fear of any paycheck uncertainty.

I was quite fearless of all of this until these points were highlighted. Suddenly working in the warehouse by myself becomes a little bit more lonely. The silence became louder. So I invited some people in and I turned on netflix for background noise and I had breakfast with a business mentor at a local café.

Next time: don’t be so reckless with distractions because not having a 9-5  can enable a 24/7 destructive cycle of distractions if you let it.

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Kim Dang

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