The Real Hours of a Non-Disruptive Startup

The Real Hours of a Non-Disruptive Startup

Some of my friends have asked me what exactly is it that I do… dance around in my warehouse all day?  (I secretly grow a warehouse filled with weed, after all, they don’t call this the “high” desert for ain’t no good reason).


Don’t be silly.

There are two types of start ups and two types of entrepreneurs (or so I’ve been schooled).  Of course there might be more but that isn’t relevant to this post.




1) DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY/ EXIT STRATEGY STARTUP:  This type of startup involves people who want to build a company in order for it to be acquired by the big wigs for millions.  Or backed by venture capitalists.  These companies oftentimes start off as C-corps or S-corps to make themselves more appealing to the eyes of VCs’ since it is easier for C-corps or S-corps to have multiple shareholders.  Don’t know the difference?  Find out here.

2) LIFESTYLE STARTUP:  This type of startup involves people who are in it for the long haul and they have less of an intention to sell their company for millions or have any need real need for VC funding.  This is the type of startup I have.  And oftentimes they can be LLC’s.  Limited Liability Companies.




1) “FAKE” Entrepreneurs: JUUUUST KIDDING!  The non-“true” ones are the more crazy ones in my opinion.  They would risk life and limb for an idea without proof of sales, engineering a new technology or product that previously did not have mass appeal before.  Or they pivot upon an idea that goes so viral that it can be monetized.

2) “True” Entrepreneurs: People who start companies where the idea has been tested and tried out before many times.  Like limousine companies.  Starting one meant you are a true entrepreneur.  Or a restaurant.  Or AN…automobile dismantling company!

I deal with -constantly being my own IT person.  Technology breaks down all the time for no reason.  My printer with a FULL black ink cartridge today decided that it doesn’t have black ink. WHAT THE HECK!  Constantly having to make decisions big or small because I have business mentors but when it comes down to it they always push me to make my own decisions regarding payroll/location of everything/hours/purchases.

This is what I did today:

1) Spent 1 hour on the phone with customer service for support to activate the admin panel of one of my dropshipping websites [They recently moved their server and a bunch of my sites went to shit.  I use another company other than bluehost.  I highly recommend bluehost.]  If you sign up through my bluehost affiliate link, I will install a wordpress site for you to free.  It really honestly takes 5 minutes at most, but hey, that gap of knowledge is something people don’t care to fill.

2) Spent a few hours reinstalling everything into two computers that I needed for the shop. [Burning DVD’s to boot, Reinstalling all programs]

3) Spent 5 hours supervising the dismantling of the engine of a jaguar car.  It is 90% gone by now.

4) Spent 1 hour training a worker how to do parts of inventorying for me using logmein.

5) Had more shelves put into my warehouse and had to coordinate movers to put together the shelves.  They are as tall as the whole warehouse.

5) Packaged and shipped sold items.  Had to rush a few today because they asked for express shipping.  Emailed back and forth about shipping rates.  Answered customer’s questions.

6) Bought window cutting tools and oil absorbing material (like Kitty Litter) to absorb spilled oil.  Watched as people cut out the windows of the Jag.  Coordinated with them for tomorrow about how I want the engine to be removed.  Bought some frames from the 99 Cents Store to frame my permits/licenses (I have been using tape to keep them on the walls for at least 2 months now).  Bought some more carrots, oil, potatoes, onions to cook more cabbage soup.  I finally got my official permit from the DMV this week.  Said goodbye to my temporary permit.  Shed 1 tear.

7) A catalytic converter recycling company I have been calling back and forth with finally sent over a representative to buy the converters.  Sold those.

8) Ran a background check online.

9) Called Verizon to ask them when they are dropping by to give me the two phone lines and install internet at my location (I have been tethering my phone to receive internet but at this point it was getting ridiculous to do so anymore).  Made the appointment for next Monday in the AM.

10) Ordered more gloves (size medium and size small) from amazon because… there are no more.

11) Trying to figure out how to track a database of inventory, tie it to an external website, link it to eBay, link everything to an accounting system, and make it accessible to my hired help.

12) Booked appointments to talk to more mentors.

13) Writing today’s blog post.

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLABBITY BLAH……. you probably didn’t read any of that boring list.

But anyway….

I will go crazy if I don’t actively try to create a good balance.

I still make time to date every week, make lunch/dinner appointments with business mentors, enjoy house parties now and then with my roomates.  I am looking into horseback riding and rock climbing for next week.  I watch Netflix in the background while I work.  Moments of sanity are appreciated and the company I keep are pretty much people who are trying to manifest their own destinies right next door.  They are pretty damn amazing people.

I am not doing anything complicated.  In fact, everything is quite simple.  I am not saving lives like a surgeon or some professional.  It’s just work that has to get done.  And once everything is set up I can breathe a bit more easily to pursue something more disruptive.  For now it is a steady, steep climb.

But there really is no 9-5.  And I wholeheartedly accept that.



So I always lose my mouse pads……. now I resort to using spam envelopes as mouse pads.

For my fellow entrepreneurs – what do your days look like?  I would like to know.

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