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How to throw a Boomerang in Gmail and Christina the Entrepreneur - Passive Income Marathon
How to throw a Boomerang in Gmail and Christina the Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought to yourself while you are reading an email… “I would really like this EMAIL to be magically UNREAD at some point later on in my life and re-sent back to me just so I can read it again”?

This could be anything from a reminder to yourself to buy that extra apple at the grocery store, a notice of your eviction date from your tech savvy landlord, a letter from the Nigerian prince you built a deep connection via online communication and wanted to follow up on, a bill reminder from Mint.com, to an email newsletter from me with great important tips you’d like to revisit…….. It could be anything in the world.

But the reality of life dawns on you: once something is “marked as read”, you will never revisit it.  It will be lost the oblivion of your inbox and you are absolutely helpless to remind yourself unless you take the desperate measures of physical sticky notes or alarm clock notices.


You now have Boomerang.  Boomerang is ingenious because it can tie itself to a couple of the most wildly used mail applications – gmail and outlook.  Surprisingly the version for gmail is a separate company than the outlook one.

The outlook one has a $29.95 one time fee while the gmail boomerang has different tiers ranging from free to $14.99/month.

How to Make an Email Send Itself Back to You After You Have Read It

Accurate title, eh?  This title will be JUST for Gmail (Sorry my outlook-only peeps).

1) Go here and install Boomerang.

2) Go into an email, click into any email (it is now READ)….  In the corner you should see a Boomerang button.



3) Click on it and you should see the below – choose whichever option you want!  You can do so much!



4) Now you can enjoy having your email boomeranged back to you whenever, wherever however.

In other news my friend Christina Hsu:



is an entrepreneur how is founder of Flower Child Hair.  They make “hair accessories for the free spirited female who dares to indulge in her whimsical side”.  Already a sell out success, she hopes to make more available in the future for the public.



Cray Cray!  Yes, I am allowed to say such things.  I totally support fellow entrepreneurs in their endeavors and I think this style is simplistic but incredibly well placed for the season *SUMMER*.


I sent out my first email newsletter!!!!!!  View it in your browser here.

If you are lazy below are some screenshots (I apologize the middle of the message had to go… it was voted off the page):




See how simple that looks? It’s all delivered to your email and there are CONTESTS where you can win a $5 Starbucks gift card.  Please sign up to my mailing list if you genuinely find my stuff helpful to your everyday internet life.

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