How to Endlessly Loop One Youtube Video and Thoughts on Christina Grimmie

Sometimes…. I want some variety (pandora, spotify, asian, cracker, chocolate, panini… j/k!).  But sometimes I just want the same damn thing on repeat like a billion times throughout the day.

That is where this website will come into use.  I know, I know, you can also use grooveshark but there is a shortcoming to grooveshark ==> you can’t loop VIDEOS!

This is narrow mindedly, specifically, for Youtube.

How to Loop 1 Youtube Video in SECONDS!

1) Find your youtube video link.

2) Replace WITH  “”



Connect the red parts together!  Then it will keep on playing on repeat for as long as you have the window open.

This is what the website looks like:

Today while listening to a very melancholy inducing song like “Find Me” and after being hit on and was sent unwanted penis shots … I begin reflecting on the way life is vs. the way I want life to be.

It was completely shocking to hear one of my business mentors tell me he will always have the need to maintain “a lot of girlfriends” while being happily married for decades.  And to be hit on by much older married men with money who want a listening ear more than anything.  It feels as though just friendship seems to be out of the picture for many men because they feel offering you sexual freedom and monetary compensation can act as adequate bait and that maybe they need to bait you just so they can have some of your time.  Maybe for many that bait is enough for them to abandon any sense of morality they might have for temporary pleasure.

But I can’t seem to let it go.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.  I’ve been through a marriage where I was given all of that, yet still, if my integrity becomes compromised no amount of money or sexual freedom will be worth stomaching that gnawing feeling of guilt.  I still believe in a real connection.  My opinion might change later on as I “settle” but a smart lesson I was taught when I was married to such a dreadful human being was that one person can really change your life.  No amount of money or great sex can fundamentally give you the peace of mind you deserve to lead a productive life if your integrity is being compromised either through verbal, physical, or monetary abuse.

Being surrounded by men in this profession and talking to mostly automobile repair shop owners and their consequent employees – there is an instant impression that is made as I introduce myself and what I do.  Most of the people who have worked for them have been convicted of something or the other.  But I won’t let this get to me.  And most of the men I’ve met on a daily basis have seen me as something else than the image I want to build – but I won’t let this get to me.  Because I have too much damn conviction in myself.

My business mentor asserts, in order to justify his actions, that he never mistreats his wife.  While he is with her he treats her like a queen.  That an experience with another human being is isolated in that present moment and you would never really know who your partner will be with 10 minutes from that moment or 1 hour from that moment.  And if they are completely oblivious and happy and everyone else is happy – what is the harm?  That really caused me take a pause because…. it is complete bullshit.

Hahahahahaha….. yeah.

Maybe there are oblivious wives/husbands out there in their ignorance of their partner’s extracurricular activities and they are blissfully happy – but I seriously doubt they don’t notice the signs.

However, an important question comes up in my mind – at their age, they are well taken care of monetarily.  They  lived a long life with their kids and their family is still intact.  And who decided monogamy was something people should follow anyway?  Is that a better alternative than living alone in a convalescent home?  Who knows – maybe settling is undoing that tie between happiness and monogamy.  And when that time comes – are you going to be tortured or are you going to let it go as something you cannot control?

I believe Christina Grimmie is unbelievably talented.  I love her songs.

From listening to her more sorrowful songs, a tinge of a bittersweet feeling waifs over me like a light gale on my cheeks and an invisible hand plucks at my heartstrings for a brief minute…  the “If only things were different” feeling.  But then I notice how unbelievably happy and how much stronger I am for having gotten out of such an abusive relationship.  And I thank my lucky stars my views of life are still joyful and my curiosity is still boundless and there’s so much more to do with my time here that 80 hour weeks don’t phase me.

I still date.  I still believe in love. I still am one overly happy mo’fo.


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