How To Do WordPress Part 2

Did you finish part 1?  Good.  Let’s continue.



Okay.  You should now log into your cpanel.  I use  So I go to website and sign in.





Next you should search for the CPANEL login and go in there.  CPANEL is different than the account manager of your hosting.  Different view.





The CPANEL should look something like this.


3Now.  Search for the “SOFTACULOUS” icon.







4Click on it and you should see an area to the left where you can choose BLOG–> WORDPRESS.












5Click on WORDPRESS and then click on the blue “INSTALL” button somewhere near the top.




6Choose the domain name that should be part of the your dropdown.  I am choosing my domain  Then click INSTALL after you fill in the information.  Make sure your email address is the admin email address so the cpanel can email you the install information.





You should see a status bar.  After you are done go to your domain name and YOU SHOULD HAVE A WORDPRESS WEBSITE! (It looks ugly at first, but trust me, you’ve came a long way from not knowing what the heck to do.)





You are welcome!!!!!!!!!!

Lost?  If you are check out part one!  No worries.

I want to thank you for consistently activating your decency.

When, really, it’s much more simple to do what’s easy.

To voice skepticism after scorn and encourage a “come on’ “, to push onto me a jaded reality.

How ubiquitous it is of the unfaithful, how prevalent the existence of a much crueler society.

An easy emotional manipulation hiding under the sheep’s skin of a farce worldly protection.

To inject real emotion brings about an almost necessary type of caring.

Accomplished by an imagination strong enough to procure your empathy.

This empathy tugs at my heartstrings and the passion echoes – so loudly.

That spreading sound is what’s helping.


my own decency.  My own sanity.



I was watching a google talk video regarding mobile as the new social media.  How we are trying to fit our old paradigms onto a different structure and most of us get fixated on cramming what we know works with what is new.  And surprisingly it has to do with space confinement and elementary concepts such as dimension.  When things started going mobile we don’t inherently jump to what will work with the new model but in our haste to go the easy route we make things more difficult.  For example instead of making forms shorter and checkout more simple instead we focus on how to fit everything in a smaller screen so we increase the scroll length. Amazon got it right with the one click checkout process didn’t they? And password protection is made easy with the reroute to email way vs. Figuring out a captcha that doesn’t even fit onto a mobile screen.  I want to implement this effort for looking at mobile a different way and I want to see if it will work.  I am going to try and bypass the standard checkout line by enabling instant one click checkout scrolling over pictures and tapping or scanning a barcode for my physical retail location. When will this get accomplished?  I hope sooner rather than later.

How To Keep Track Of Worker Time Online


Why?  Because even if you manually punch in certain times – it will record the real time of when you made that revision.

So your workers cannot manipulate the time of their punch ins/punch outs.

AND it’s all online.

Very nice interface as well.

Memory is faulty.  Use Xpunch to measure your metrics.

You can also use it to keep track of your own worth.  How much are you worth in one hour?



I owe you guys an apology.  I have not been updating DAILY.  And when there is caring involved – I can’t ignore that fact.  Therefore, I will change it to at least once a week.


Posting from underneath the sheets of my bed after having woken up from one of those states of unintentionally falling asleep due to total exhaustion. 3:42AM. Raw.

I was thinking of simple demotivators and how next time I will try to avoid them with more intention. Like I am ashamed of the recklessness that went into allowing such demotivators to exist.

Like a hangnail or taking the act of cutting my fingernails a little too far. Now parts of my fingertips ache and that dull pain however little demotivates me.

I attended a free webinar at 8am yesterday hosted by Dainis Graveris about jumping into freelancing and how now is the best time to do so.  It was informative and because of that I decided to attend their next webinar starting at 11am EST today.

They spoke of having the ability to motivate yourself and work in solitary confinement for the better part of each day. Being your own boss requires you to let go of the fear of any paycheck uncertainty.

I was quite fearless of all of this until these points were highlighted. Suddenly working in the warehouse by myself becomes a little bit more lonely. The silence became louder. So I invited some people in and I turned on netflix for background noise and I had breakfast with a business mentor at a local café.

Next time: don’t be so reckless with distractions because not having a 9-5  can enable a 24/7 destructive cycle of distractions if you let it.

  How To Start A Mailing List With Mailchimp

Again, back to my Seth Godin obsession.  Seth starts his 3 Day Startup event talking about what you will encounter as an entrepreneur but at the very end he focuses in on a really important idea I want to reiterate: Building an online presence and a following is really important.

Why is that?

Say for whatever reason you created a mailing list.  Now instead of having 2-3 friends’ opinions, you get 10,000.  Sure, you can have facebook, but really… not everyone will go on facebook all the time.  However, everyone will check their emails at least 5-10 times a day.  GAURANTEED.  And all it really takes is one click for them to go from their inbox to your message.  Now you are in the realm of the “heard”.  All you need to do is build your following.

Seth also highlights the importance of things being share-able but first only to a select niche.  Because all you really need is a few people to like what you have to hear but more importantly feel compelled to share what you have to say.  That small tiny group can then expand because they will self propagate your message {And really, it doesn’t matter what your message may be… as long as you make it feel share-able.)

Therefore I feel like I should tell you guys about (more…)


 How to Bypass the Subscription Fee Forever & “The Hardest Part”

My very smart and Dr. to be bro just told me this hack yesterday.  He reads The New York Times.  Noticed that it went from 20 free articles a month to 15 and now it’s down to 5.  So you can actually read all articles for free if you use google’s “Incognito” chrome browsing to browse around.  The reason for this is because during “Incognito” mode, no cookies are stored.  Therefore, no footprint.  By the way, I am not talking about a real baked cookie.



Nice, quick workaround eh?  And you didn’t even have to download anything! Shiiiiiieeet.  My brother says, “You’re welcome.”

I go through phases of listening to amazing thought provoking individuals who are generous enough to make the effort into letting their voices be heard either through video or audio or a blog.  Right now the flavor of the month is Seth Godin – a distinct HUMAN flavor. (more…)

Dealing with Vulnerability

Inspired by Seth Godin’s blog, I’m going to try to have poignant entries for this week rather than anything long winded or visually entertaining to fill in the blanks.  Isn’t that really what’s a blog all about?  A splatter of your own thoughts instead of a pieced together thoroughly referenced piece of writing?  Who knows.

All I know is for the first time since starting this venture I am feeling vulnerable. (more…)

OC Google Glass Event and Warehouse Updates

REAL QUICK, my nigg@s.

The other day my friend Dennis Cabarroguis wrote to me detailed in the below note:

“Hi Kim,
I remember you were going to launch a used or aftermarket car parts marketplace? Are you still planning to go forward with it? I know a dev team that is awesome but best of all, local. Let me know if you are interested in meeting with them.

In the meantime, Im hosting this cool Google Glass event next week by John Wayne Airport. Hope you can make it. And please spread the word.

my best, Dennis”

told me about his google glass event.  Dennis is .. as his Linkedin explains an “Experienced self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset and exceptional and proven organizational, product/project/program management and strategic partnership skills.”  So basically he rocks at entrepreneurship stuff.  I told him I would not need his resources till months later because I do not need to worry about the technology when I am just setting the groundwork for now.  But as for his event… I was like hells yeah, I’m going to help him promote the shit out of it. (more…)

  How to Build a Website Part 1, Get rid of the smell of #2, and Other Ramblings

I’ve been sitting on an ebook I’ve written 30 pages of for the longest time about building a website.  I honestly thought it would be 5 pages but the screenshots made it expand to 30.  Since no one will stand for a 30 page blog post, I will start with Part 1 of this ebook.  When I finish this series I will make it available for free on the site as well as in complete ebook form.  It’s the only way for me to pull it out from under my ass for it to be seen by the good people of the internet.

Speaking about bottoms, later on I will show you how to get rid of the smell of your #2 with a few sprays.

Let’s begin then, shall we?

 How to Build a Website Part 1

Building a website is much like cooking.  You have to do steps in sequence and depending on what you see/taste (you shouldn’t taste your computer, though) you adjust accordingly.

1) Go and sign up for a domain name.  There is ($9.98/yr) , ($4.99/yr) , ($9.99/yr). Let’s start with the basics and let’s keep it simple.  A domain name is a URL that points to where you keep your website.  Think of it as a big morbidly obese finger. (more…)

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