Why Logmein is the shizzle, a friend’s provocation and thoughts on Google Glass

So I am here to preach to you how LOGMEIN.com is.. you know.  You already know!  But I want to be redundant on purpose, so here goes….

Why? Because you can remotely control anyone’s computer as long as you have an internet connection + a working browser.

That’s it! At a moment’s notice, you can suddenly take control. You can talk to your “NEO” and tell him/her to “follow the rabbit”.

There is only one caveat.

Your friend will need to download Logmein into their computer, have it running, and give you the screen name and password they created for themselves.

You can also download Logmein the application and you have crystal clear control of your own computer from your little tiny mobile device – but be careful, it is clear, however, your optical prescription might take a turn for the worse with all your squinting and your finger might wear out with all the phalangial (I made up this word) struggling.

Give Logmein a try.

1) Go there

2) Download Logmein

3) Tell yourself your screen name and password after you install and LINK your logmein program with your account username and password.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO LINK YOUR COMPUTER UP!

4) This is also important so don’t miss this step or confuse yourself in the process ==> OPEN A BROWSER IN ANOTHER COMPUTER SOMEWHERE ELSE (just trust me on this one, don’t question it)…. and then go to logmein.com.  Do NOT download anything… just use the screen name and password that you made awhile ago and log in.  From a simple browser you can now control the linked computer.  That browser can be on your phone, notebook, ipad, etc etc …. ANYWHERE… and you have access to your entire computer.

I five fingered the below screenshots because I have been working nonstop for days on end and I am exhausted but I figured you folks need the visual entertainment moreso than I need sleep.







In other news……

My friend from China, Dieu, asked me for my thoughts on Google Glass.  He has a 40% stake in a google glass pair going at $1500 a pop.  That means he invested $600 of his hard earned blood money to getting his hands on the thing.  I thought you can get it for free as a google glass “explorer“?  He wants to do adult entertainment with these glasses.  Hey – I tell it how it is.

In my unbounded curiosity of the world, I decided to hop onto the project glass google+ page and hope that I immediately can find 5 fascinating things off the bat because I believe it is that amazing.

And it is… quite amazing.  Here are 2 out of 5 reasons why I believe google glass will change the world.  I figured 2 points are more than enough.

1) No longer will you live your life vicariously through others by looking DOWNWARDS.  Now you can do it looking forward.

2) You can now experience more of the world in a very visual way because perspectives not accessible before can now be accessible.  Such as…. the view/sound of an opera singer… while she is singing and looking to her acting counterparts on stage.  Or the view of a stuntman as he is going through his stunt.  What if we had google glasses for David Blaine?

Life’s moments are already captured spontaneously by the many mobile devices we already possess but sometimes instead of just simply enjoying nature’s ready made view – we are huddling around our phone after we capture a tiny portion of that view, trying to customize the picture to send through instagram before we get shuttled back onto the tour bus.  I saw Sergy Brin’s short talk and short clip as a compilation of the views possible through the lens of Google Glass…. damn amazing.  What I think it illustrates is that now life’s moments can be shared without the obstruction of something square in the palm of your hand that forces you to have this telescopic view after awhile.  To fully enjoy what’s shared to you, you’d have to also simultaneously be able to use all your senses.  Instead of having a craned neck, you can fully smile and stand upright in a (lung) healthy posture.  Instead of having to hold onto anything and squint and enlarge and try to seek a corner or wall to prop yourself up while you recheck your mail for the hundredth time in the same day…. you can enjoy what’s shared to you – hands free.

Google glass provides a bluetooth – like control over your shared medium. [HANDS FREE, yo.]   At the same time it is accessing perspectives (film-wise) not available to the general public before except if they have the correct equipment.  And I guess you can argue that Google Glass is an expensive piece of equipment.

Another thing I like about Google Glass is that you can use it even if you have four eyes.  Prescription glasses can fly with G-glass.

Dieu isn’t really from China.  He’s just there temporarily.  I asked him to raid a warehouse for me while he’s there because I sell solar equipment mainly products bought from China but I needed a couple of days to pinpoint their location.  He says if he comes back to the US stuffed with products – it might be questionable with customs.  He has not given me an answer yet but I shall know soon enough.  I asked him for some pictures – funny ones – and these are what he dug up.

yo, I am just chillin'

yo, I am just chillin’ in my PINK



trying to be tall, like my money

trying to be tall, like MY MONEY.

To end this post… because personal research with a population data of 1 and a P value of 0 has shown me what it can do for my posts; everyone appreciates cute pictures of girls anywhere regardless of the relevance.  So here you go:




What am I up to recently?  I am training my illegals (not really, they are totally legit) & tomorrow I am exotically stripping another car.  GOODNIGHT!  Give me some credit for my incredibly long, though out posts, by sharing. ^_^

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