How to get Snapchat on your Android phone & A few RANDOM updates

How to get Snapchat on Your Android & A few random updates.



A couple of updates before I launch into my How-to of the day.  If you prefer not to read any updates, just scroll down to the bottom of the page for the How-to. I know, I know, I missed the previous days of How To’s.  So I am making it up today.






First – I scrapped a completely stripped 1996 Land Rover.



Second …you would not believe that it was me, a 65 year old man, and a teenage kid who are responsible for putting up these beams.




I realize I want to dedicate a portion of my blog to the non-techie peeps of the internet.

I am finally dipping my feet into snapchat simply because I received an invitation from Lucas Bean to engage in this snapchatting shenanigan.

Upon dwelling in the land of Hesperia, I have stumbled upon many people who ask me questions such as “How do you get snapchat?” or “How do you get an ebook onto your phone?”  I realize before I embark on large, complicated tutorials, I must try out some of the very basic.

How to download an application onto your Android device

1First, on your android device, hit the invisible “set up” button on the bottom left hand corner that is apart from the screen.  You should see a menu pop up –> Click on SEARCH.



2Search for “SNAPCHAT”



3Then download it.  After you click the download button you can then have the option to “Open” it.



4You must create an account with Snapchat at this point.  But there you have it.  You can use snapchat.  Snapchatting’s interface looks like the below:



You click on the blue button ONCE to take a picture and send.  You can also do a quick video if you hold onto the blue button and then send.



Here is my snapchat list:





Lucas Bean – He is a VP of Marketing at


Jessie Carrillo – My roomie!



Collete – My other roomie!



David Lopez – Entrepreneur and founder of Barrista Lab.

Tommy Fountain – Entrepreneur and director of Ads Operations at Phunware.

And that’s about it on my list since I just started Snapchatting.

Contact me if you want to add me on snapchat!


The allure of snapchat is this = every picture has to be in real time (so you cannot fake what you look like or what you are viewing)… and once pictures are sent there is alloted only a few seconds of viewing time before they are made no longer accessible to anyone’s prying eyes.

Young kids use this to exchange raunchy pictures back and forth without fearing the backlash of blackmail.

But please – warn me ahead of time before you send me a picture of your naked body parts.

I hope you enjoyed this How-To. =)

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Next up:

1) How to use Camstudio to make How-to Videos

2) Podcasting & I will be interviewing my first CEO.

Any suggestions?  I will make How-to videos based on your suggestions.

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