Black and White Polaroid Happiness

Wrote this in 2008.  But still, it is my favorite.

Black and white Polaroid happiness, I’ll bring out your crinkled noses.
Karaoke blasting to off beat tunes, singing out loud.
Nevermind the booing crowd. This song’s dedicated to you, kid.
Slither your eyes down these curves of mine, I’ll thrust you into oblivion.
With a smirk on my face, twirl me with this hypnotic trance, you set the pace.
There’s glitter to this back and forth, our torque, you suspend me mid-way
Then dip me. With the rose and the thorns clenched, barely, through your teeth.

My hands dwarfed by your large knuckles, you giant.
We’ll chuckle as you reason to hide it.
Exchanging foreign banter with my absolutely questionable wit
to be this expressive, explosive, intensive, intrusive.
Bundles of phrases tumbling out allowing room to be vocally abusive
but of course in this stark innocence, you know I wouldn’t mean it.
Twirling to some oldies song, our make believe romance
I’ll blur the hem of my dress, making the most of
this dance
Real tight, synchronized, rhythmic, like the tinkle of my jewels
to the swish of your pants.

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Kim Dang

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