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How to have four phone numbers in one smart phone - Passive Income Marathon
How to have four phone numbers in one smart phone

I will call this – the four in one smartphone.  Not a printer/fax machine… SMART PHONE.

Sure sure you can have four separate office numbers forward to your phone at the end of the day – but you’d have to keep on forwarding your different numbers every single time.

At one point I was trying to coordinate a live butterfly release service, a dropshipping ecommerce project, and selling european car parts online as well as work 10-12 hours a day with a damn demanding sales position.

So I had to figure out a way for customers/clients from different avenues to contact me without confusing myself and without racking up a large telephone bill.

Here’s how you do it.  It’s a cinch!

How to have four different phone numbers in one smart phone


First, you must understand and differentiate the types of telephone numbers you can have. One is your office phone from your office work, your 9-5.The second phone is from your real native number your phone company betrothed to you.  The third phone line is your first google voice number connected to your google voice application which is verified by your native phone number. The fourth phone line is your second google voice number connected to your talkatone application which is verified for use with a friend or family’s phone number.

pink-2The one phone line you do not have to set up is your native phone number.  When someone calls that number, let’s call it… 1-555-55N-ATIVE.  Your phone rings.








pink-3The second phone line is when you transfer all your calls from your office phone to your cell.  This is a no brainer.  Just set up call forwarding.








pink-4This is where things get interesting.  Go and sign up for TWO google voice accounts with two different gmail addresses.  You need two different REAL numbers to be able to use your google voice numbers, but only ONE has to be “real”.  Google voice has a system where it won’t let you get a google voice number if you cannot link it first to a real working phone number.  They force you to verify your real number by calling you and having you enter their code before you are allowed to freely use your new number.

pink-5Borrow a friend’s phone or a technologically challenged family member’s cell phone for a moment to verify the second google voice number you create.  Once you create it, IMMEDIATELY unlink that number from your friend’s cell and only have the “Google chat” box checked.  What’s great about google voice is that a real number is required to be granted a number, however, after that you can still use that number without having it linked to a real phone number!  As long as it’s linked to something – it will still work.   Below is a screen shot of a verified google voice number.  I’ve crossed out numbers that are private to me.  Remember, you must create two different gmail accounts for the two separate google voice numbers.Screen-shot-gvoice

pink-6Install two different applications into your phone.  One is GOOGLE VOICE.  The other is TALKATONE.app-google-voice application-talkatone






Sign into your google voice application with your first google voice account log in and password.  Sign into your talkatone application with your second google voice account log in and password.  It is important to enable talkatone to be signed in EVEN IF you are not on wifi.  They have a wifi-only option as well so you won’t drain your battery.  Below are screen shots of what the google voice application looks like when you are going to dial out vs. talkatone’s graphic user interface.


















pink-8DONE!  Now when anyone calls anyone of your four numbers they will reach you.  The best thing is you can text with three different phone numbers and customers/clients can text you.  If I have a personal relative contact me most likely my native number will ring.  If I have a professional call most likely it will be from my forwarded office number.  If I have a call regarding the sale of a car part I might have then my talkatone number will ring.  My google voice is reserved for all else.  You can keep track of both google voice numbers online as well. ONE in your normal browser.  THE SECOND ONE in your incognito browser.  Like so:




You can text/call back through your native number (if you have a texting plan), your google voice number, and your talkatone number.  However, having multiple texting numbers are made easy with applications like TextPlus where you are given a free number just for texting.


This How-To is useful to help you separate your personal life from professional on a more granular level.  Personally I give my google voice number away to anyone and everyone because with the click of a button I can block any unwanted numbers from contacting me ever again.  The blocked individual will have a “I’m sorry, the google voice number you are trying to contact is no longer available”.  I can screen calls very easily with a google voice number and everything is recorded online for me to view later on.  Voicemails are even transcribed for me.  Google voice has given me the ability to have multiple projects running parallel to each other because it enables great communication with a professional front.

On a greater level of customer service….you should purchase a 1-800 number and have outsourced customer service folks answering your calls for you.  This How-to caters to helping you try out different start up projects without spending that extra bit of money for more phone lines.

There you have it ladies and gents.  The ability to have a Four-In-One.  With great power comes great responsibilities.  You can use this newfound knowledge to contribute to the world with wonderous projects or you can use it to have three different mistresses. Either way, it’s up to you.

In other news – I am perfecting my cabbage soup recipe.  It may not look that appetizing but it is DELICIOUS!



Also, while I was grocery shopping, I noticed the price of dragonfruit is $10.99 a pop.  Even if it is all shriveled up.  What is up with that?!?!



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