How to Fax without a Fax Machine, David Foster Wallace & End of the day thoughts.

I just finished working for 6 straight hours taking down erected steel beams from a neighboring warehouse and moving them to my warehouse.  It was really hard manual labor, yo.  For those of you familiar with shelving for warehouses – you would know that this is enough to fill a whole side wall.  If you don’t know why I am talking about a warehouse, go here.  You can skip everything and scroll down to the very bottom for the How-to if you don’t want to indulge me on my thoughts below.









A friend of mine sent me a link the other day to which I coincidentally rewatched on today in the morning and much of what David Foster Wallace spoke about hit home to me (his commencement speech and Kenyon College).  So before I give you my How-To for the day, I just want to touch a little bit on what he mentioned.

Mr. Wallace’s message regarding the real importance of our education is to provide an out from the inevitable drone of day to day life.  That the mind can be a complete irritating prison if left to its own devices without the freedom a healthy imagination mixed with empathy would grant.  As if through college and dwelling in thought promotes differing perspectives on an otherwise dreary situation (The 9-5 rinse and repeat).

I agree with David that my education has indeed given me a chance to see the world in a different light.  However, I really also thought that when we were living out our preadolescent years, unbounded by the strict regime of an educational schedule, our imaginations ran wild and the world – no matter how impoverished or horrible your upbringing may be – you would find happiness in playing with everything.  Then after you leave that youthful period… schools with their jaded teachers and the consistent “real world” talk of many adults change that natural, imaginative – precious happiness into something people would deem “a reality check”.  That reality check is reinforced by entry level positions and entry level treatment from ladders everyone has to climb before, during and right after college.

I believe we were born with the capacity to look at life in a playful way, naturally, from the get go.  A little toy car would be on its hundredth death defying adventure in your hands – regardless of your surroundings.  You can argue that at that age you do not have a set schedule and chained down by office-like obligations but nonethless I insist that you still have some type of day in day out schedule involuntarily thrusted upon you by your parents (you helpless minor).

But I guess during that period that happiness is found through the bliss of ignorance.  Not chosen happiness.  And this is where his message hits home with me.  And this is where I dedicate this post to my friend who is going through a tough separation.  The happiness I have now, as I think about it, was absolutely deliberately chosen not because of youthful sincerity but because of a calm embrace.  And I agree, my education has allowed me the tolerance and empathy to let go of the things I cannot control and more importantly the need to control factors that should not be of any real significance to me.  By being educated, I could let go of any arrogant thought that what happens to me is the result of premeditated plots to bring about unfortunate obstructions to what should be a beautiful life.

For my friend who is sad over a separation… There is purpose to being sad and bothered by the events that happen to us – it makes us human.  But you then realize that with how serendipitous life can be, stumbling upon people who might wreck your experience for a bit is a probability.  And choosing to be happy is being smart about closing that curtain behind you to enable a do-over of your disposition.  And because you have a long life left to live – granting yourself that do-over, having the ability to grant yourself that do-over, having the courage to grant yourself that do-over should be embraced.  You can choose to stop the residual mildew of regret and sorrow and wallow anytime.  And being educated really helps you see this as tangible because this really calm acceptance is a choice to be happy.

Am I even making any sense?

So I am really exhausted because the weekends and the weekdays blend together as I am aggressively growing my baby, however, even if I am moving steel beams in the 90 degrees weather… it’s still really damn fun.

Listen to his talk.  You will kind’ve get what I mean a bit more.

BEFORE his talk you might look like this (this was taken after I finished moving everything over.):















EITHER WAY – at the end of the day – your head will be tilted always to your left (viewer’s right).

Wait… I am still.. working.  So it’s really – end of the hard labor period – thoughts.

Enough with the rambling… here is your tip of the day! (FINALLY< RIGHT?)

How to send a fax without having a fax machine.


Go to here.  Or google “Free fax” and click on the top organic link.


two-2Then fill in the information in the boxes.



three-3This is really important.  Once you send it, you MUST click on the confirmation link they send to your email or your fax won’t go through.


four-4Viola!  You are faxing now without a fax machine! YOU’RE WELCOME!

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