How to Set Up Bluetooth with Gmail

Did you know that you can make a bunch of free calls with google voice?


But I make those calls using my bluetooth device.

So my hands are free and my bluetooth is linked up to my desktop.  I have unlimited calls to whoever  (within the US) as long as my desktop has internet access.  I have a normal Windows 7 desktop computer so naturally it doesn’t come with bluetooth capabilities.  THEREFORE, what I did was bought a really inexpensive bluetooth USB adaptor which enables my bluetooth headset to talk to my computer.

Before following the below instructions, please have the following ON:

1) computer

2) blue tooth device

3) USB bluetooth adaptor installed

4) google chat with video plugin installed

5) google voice account through gmail

Sign into Gmail and go to your chat settings.

From GMAIL, you must have the following settings correct if you want to use your bluetooth with your desktop:



Using my bluetooth device with google voice

Using my bluetooth device with google voice

Apologies for such tiny fonts.  When you verify your settings, you should be able to see yourself as well as hear a test ring tone.  And yes, that’s me working in the warehouse.  A look of pure delight on my face as I give this experiment a go.



Please make sure the 1) Camera 2) Microphone 3) Speakers settings are correct.  Click on the “Verify your settings” link to make sure.

And you should be able to make calls now with your bluetooth device!


By the way – I just signed up for Amazon Affiliates.  For those of you who don’t know what it does – if you link to a product and say a friend or blog reader clicks on the link – a cookie will be inserted into their browser and within a 24 hour window if they happen to purchase anything on Amazon – you get a percentage.  Therefore, if you like my little tip and would like to purchase the items I bought for myself in order to carry out this roundabout way of communicating… you can thank me by clicking on these links I am providing for your convenience and I will make MORE PENNIES!

Much appreciated.

There.  This one thing is possible.  Maybe I was just trying this out to waste some bit of time but it certainly helps with phone bills as I don’t have to pay any for a land line at the warehouse.  Warehouse rates are different than residential when it comes to having internet/fax/land line.  Verizon quotes $99/month with a two year plan and Charter quotes $108/month before taxes with a month to month plan.  For now I shall enjoy free calls (incoming and outgoing) to my office number.  I use free email – to – fax online for my faxes.  For now at least.

One more tip… while I was making these amazon links, I figured I don’t want to lead you away from reading this page.  So to create a link in a new window, you have to insert this text: target=”_blank”.

Let’s break a link down in terms of HTML:

<a href=;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;creativeASIN=B005RUP5UI&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;tag=kimpo-20 target=&quot;_blank&quot;


>bluetooth device</a>

That target=”_blank” after the quotation marks which closes the link above enables you to open the link in another window.

A shorter shortcut would be to click on the option the wordpress platform provides for you.



Tomorrow I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to spend 3-4 hours straight putting ceiling high steel beam shelving into the warehouse.  JOYYYYYYYYY!

I will be updating everyday.  Come back tomorrow for the next post!

Have a wonderful night darlings.  Thanks Hang Do for giving me the final push to write again.


And now… a segment I will dub (I’ll have these segments at the end of each post):


re: We sell canes online (as well as other things).  Hey, baby boomers gotta walk, no?



Oh, and for my SEO freaks.




Hells yeah.


By the way – if you have no idea what’s going on (and mostly out of the 3 people reading this post… 2 might be out of the loop)… read the ABOUT page. =)

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