From bootstrap to baller. B2B. (Haha).

Setting up your affiliate programs, if you HAVE a platform, is rather easy because all you need to do is add an affiliate manually or sign up for a system.  Below are links to whichever system you have.

Questions you should ask yourself is:

Does the platform support the payment gateway you are using? (Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, EasyPayDirect, and NMI?)

Is it cost efficient for you to sign up?

Your own on your website vs. a marketplace vs. a 3rd party affiliate tracking company.

How do I find my own affiliates?

Platforms with in house affiliate programs

Clickfunnels uses Backpack.

Things to consider: Must have Etison Suite ($297/month for entire suite). Only clickfunnel pages are supported. Only USD is supported. Custom domains for affiliate pages aren’t supported.

Cool beans: You can add second tier affiliate commission.

To do: 1) you create a commission plan / 2) Create new affiliate type / 3) Add affiliate area steps in your funnel / 4) Add swipe files to affiliate area / 5) provide sign up links for affiliates to sign up.

Thinktific has an Affiliates Dashboard.

Things to consider: Must have Essentials Edition ($49/month).

To do: 1) Create a user and check “affiliate” for the user / 2) Your affiliate dashboard has the reports and links you need.

Teachable – you can assign a user to become an Affiliate.

Things to consider: You can have each affiliate be course specific for an X amount of time. Payment schedule is monthly, after a user exists for over 30 days (due to return policies).

To do: 1) Add a user to your school as an affiliate / 2) View individual affiliate performance under each user as Purchases -> Transaction history-> affiliates.



Things to consider:  Affiliates bear the burden of traffic cost.  Not you.  Has commission Tiers. All payments are handled by clickbank.  They tell you to promote your own product yourself and see if it sells.  The goal is to get a conversion rate of at least 1% – ideally closer to 3%.

To do: 1) Become a clickbank vendor / 2) Set up your affiliates tool page/ 3) Set up vendor spotlights (show off your stats, low return rates, etc.)



Things to consider: There is no charge for setting up unlimited products in JVZoo and there is no charge to Affiliates.
JVZoo charges a 5% commission on all completed sales.

To do: 1) Get on the marketplace.


Commission Junction

Things to consider:

  • Web-based email offers direct communication between advertisers and affiliates
  • Notifies affiliates if a link or ad is no longer working
  • Provides updated lists of advertisers’ incentives for affiliates
  • Search by publisher tools for merchants
  • Real-time reporting; performance and transaction reports
  • Flexibility to choose your advertisers and specific products
  • Reliable monthly payments through direct deposit or check
  • Invalid click report – publishers can easily see what advertiser links are currently inactive


3rd Party Affiliate Tracking Companies:


Things to consider: $49/month. If you have a platform like shopify, wordpress, woocommerce – many integrations.

To do: 1) Sign up for it.


Things to consider: Price. $450/month.  They offer custom domains, customer support. True Data Verification (Email/Phone/Street verification).

To do: 1) Sign up for it.



Things to consider: $800/month.


Payment processing company 


Things to consider: $24/month.

To do: 1) How to configure an affiliate program.

How Do I Find My Own Affiliates?

  1. Join Affiliate Marketing facebook groups and reach out to influencers who are running the groups.
  2. Pinterest is a place people search for DIY / How to.

Get out of your comfort zone, they say.

For the past year I’ve plunged myself WAY out of my comfort zone and you know what I’ve discovered?  I like my comfort zone.  I should have stayed in my comfort zone.  Now I’m finding my way back to my comfort zone.

Anywho, to tangent off of that, currently I’m reading Lilly Singh’s “How to be a bawse” and it’s quite a light/entertaining read.

I just want to take the time to jot down some notes here:

What are three things you must do but find absolutely terrifying?

  1. Actually sit down and learn.  Like actually learn about digital marketing instead of half assing it.
  2. Spend many hours inventorying/doing hard labor (yes, I have people who help, but no, I am still the one who needs to figure things out about what goes where)
  3. Sell sell sell.


that while my dad was in prison for 7 years, he made it work, somehow.

He managed to smuggle in some baby chicks and ducks in order to create a more exciting and happy prison life for himself.  The guards saw him just harmlessly tending to chickens and ducks so they did not mind.  He told me out of 200 inmates at his camp, he was the only one who was always followed around by 4 ducks and 6 chickens.

He told me they were fed rice and he riled up the other inmates to feed his pets because there was always an excess of rice. He raised one chicken for 2 years before it died.  Needless to say, during 7 years of imprisonment and shuffled through 3 camps, he experienced several generations of chickens and ducks.  Other inmates questioned why he would do such a thing and he told them.. “why not? it makes life a bit more exciting.”

He also sold alcohol and treats in prison because he befriended an inmate who had special privileges to roam outside its doors.

He knew how to fish and ate fish in abundance while he was in jail as well as crab and lobster but he would always share his bounty with his friends.

He once negotiated 4 days of freedom by riling up his fellow inmates to chop and sell sugar cane for 8 million dong to the public.

He told me that when he got out, he was still handsome and together (all in one piece) so that was why my mom accepted him or else I would have not existed.

He had an injured leg in prison where for a period he couldn’t walk and he befriended a kind soul who helped bring salt and ginger so he could cover his wound with salt and vinegar paste daily in order for his leg to heal.

He fought against the viet cong during the vietnam war and since the south fell, he was imprisoned afterwards as an ex-soldier. The point is… my dad told me no matter what situation I happen to be put in, no matter how bad things get, I can always find a way.  I can always be creative with the little means I have. My dad came to the US with nothing.  He was placed in jail with nothing.  And here he is now living in california in a home he’s partially built with the help of my mom.  In every sense of the word, he’s made it.  He has crafted this life for himself where he doesn’t have to worry too much financially anymore (although he is not drowning in riches); he is doing okay.  I do not ask much of him as I put myself through college and I am very much an independent person of my own right… but by being able to share this conversation with my dad, watching him recount his stories of  undoubtedly emotionally scarring but bittersweet yonder years…

all I can think of is… (admist laughing so hard and crying simultaneously at his stories)…

This precious man.

This loving, crafty, intelligent man who has managed to unconditionally support me, my mom, and my brother all these years.  How wonderful that he’s still alive and that I get to spend time with him.  He is 74 years old now.  I am hoping to keep having his company for as long as I can get it.

Then I helped him update his facebook profile picture.

Love my dad.

Love my dad.  With his asian eyes. Haha.

I felt like writing this post to document a moment I had today.  That’s all.

How to Start Selling On Amazon

Really, I am no expert at this but my friend Gigi asked me a very simple question the other day… “How do I start?” and I figured instead of just telling her one time, I’d make a post here so she can refer to it MANY TIMES.

  1. Go and buy some UPC Codes because that’s the only way she can list new items on Amazon.  There are quite a bit of companies that will offer you UPC codes to buy, however, I’ll just show you what I use.  You can get them here at this company called bluesnap.
    1. What is a UPC code? “UPC (technically refers to UPC-A) consists of 12 numeric digits, that are uniquely assigned to each trade item. Along with the related EAN barcode, the UPC is the barcode mainly used for scanning of trade items at the point of sale, per GS1specifications.” – Wikipedia
  2. Sign up to Jungle Scout.  Here they give you ALL the data you need to figure out what type of items you should source.  They give you amazon’s seller data, as in, how many units sold per month of a particular item so you know if the market is good to enter it or not.  Yes, I shamelessly created a commission affiliate link.  I use the program myself so I am 100% fine with promoting it.  High quality online software.  Haha, sign up here to Jungle Scout.
  3. Choose the category you might sell in and GET PERMISSION FROM AMAZON to sell in that category.  How do you do this?  Buy 3 separate items from a company and take a picture of the receipts and then go to, sign up for a seller account, and when you apply for permission, send them a picture of the actual shipment/invoice paper you receive.  You will need your UPC codes you purchased as well as a picture of your delivered item’s invoice paper.
    1. I use this company to buy some items from
    2. Make sure you get approved BEFORE you order your items from alibaba.
  4. Go and make an account on  Start looking for items that look similar or almost exactly like the ones you found on Jungle Scout.
  5. Talk to the supplier, ask them if how much it costs if you
    1. Put your own Logo on the item
    2. Have your own box plus logo created
    3. Can they do logo + box in house? If Yes, that is best.
    4. Get several quotes from several different suppliers.
  6. Order your item and have it shipped to you
    1. Get a professional camera and take REALLY nice pictures of the item, use Photoshop to edit it.
    2. Go to your amazon seller account, list the item with your UPC code.
    3. Make sure within the first few days, keep prices low/at cost to increase selling momentum.  Make sure you get people to REVIEW your item.  Amazon prioritizes items that sell and have good reviews.  Do whatever you can to make sure the momentum of your launch is high.
      1. Amazon discourages direct link purchases so make sure people purchase with a keyword for your item as if they are searching for that item.
    4. If you are doing FBA, you need to send it into an Amazon warehouse (make sure you do all the research because Amazon charges a higher fee if you fulfill with their warehouses), if you are doing FBM, make sure you are on top of fulfilling and shipping out your own orders.
    5. Answer all your customer’s question within 24 hours.

That’s the gist of it for now.  Some of my friends are massive amazon behemoth sellers (they sell millions/year) and there are literally a billion “How to Sell on Amazon” courses out there. HAHA.  This is the way I know and I hope this helps you get started.  I might have missed something as I’m just typing this from memory, so let me know if there are steps I’ve excluded.

If you are on a budget, I’d recommend going through ANY amazon selling courses on or just Google It.  I suck at following courses so I will not recommend to a my friend things I don’t follow through with myself.  I am OKAY at googling.  So I’d recommend Google or… ask a friend. =)

Updates & Just checkin’ in withcha

It’s been awhile since I blogged and I said I would blog every week.  Well, that just went straight out the window.  My last update was end of June 2017.  It’s now August, 2017.

Since then I hiked half dome (the cables way). I went to a friend’s wedding in San Francisco and took the time to bike for miles and miles around the area and across the golden gate bridge.  I visited Matthes Crest by roping up and down it, soloing a part of the traverse for 6 hours of my 17 hour day. I climbed at various other places, visited 15 cities and 42 locations (random restaurants, etc.). Went through another staff rotation. Launched another product.  Life has been busy.

I was with someone on and off for many years and for the first time in my life I’m not anymore. For good.  Like this usual feeling of permanence has disappeared.  And I’m okay with it.

To improve my writing, no matter how short the update, I’m just going to post it.  I don’t network enough to get rid of the fob voice in my head. HAHA.  So writing the shit out of it will help (I think).

I think this update is really about how I feel as I age.  I’m 30 now and it seems like I’m less hardcore (in my own perspective) in looking at the world in an idealistic way.  The older I grow, the easier it gets to just surrender to life being one chaotic blessing.  My world changes almost all the time.  I take off, on short notice, to what I believe are grand adventures.  I do not care as much about what people think.  I listen to my body a lot more.  Every week, every month is different.  Sometimes I crave consistency.  Sometimes I get irritated at the tumultuous nature of it all.  Sometimes I lie in bed all day while listening to YouTube in the background.

After living this life for years, I don’t know what a normal schedule is like anymore.  I don’t feel envious of anyone because I see everyone as living their separate lives with their own imperfections and happiness sprinkled with moments of melancholy and life crises.  I guess it’s more like “what the fuck is next?”.

And my biological clock is eerily silent.  I have no desire to have children (yet), I do not look my age so I feel like I have borrowed time.  Is there a desire to leave behind a legacy?  No.  All I’m waiting for is just enough capital to acquire more….. things?  I feel like I’m living now just to continue living.  Like eating to enjoy food and keeping myself alive.  I’m not ambitious enough to have “milestones” and I’m not lazy enough not to have short term goals.  I’m not superficial enough to own a bunch of shit and I’m not dirtbag enough to just abandon it all for a long period of time.

I don’t see an end to this.  I am content and then discontent for being content.  I experience moments of such joy when I stare at some cloud formations on top of a beautiful landscape and then my period comes and fucks it up for 2-3 days as I agonize over inconsequential shit.  My parents are doing fine and my brother will become a legit doctor in 1 year.  No one in my life is suffering (knock on wood), and all I have to do now is LIVE.  WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Even while supporting other people by providing them income, is that not enough a sense of purpose for me to not feel aimless?  No.  Not enough.  Still feeling aimless (but not in a sad way, more like a feather in a Forest Gump movie type of way).  Even while using my money to donate to charity… feeling less aimless? No.

This is how I feel now that I’m no longer in my twenties.  What’s the goal, now? Try not to get too irked by everything happening with politics?  Some of my friends have found purpose by impacting a bunch of people in their lives.  Maybe that’s next, but I’m in such a hypnotic lull of my own freedom that I don’t feel pushed in any which way all the meanwhile questioning the validity of it all.  Questioning if this life is now a valid one.

Some of my friends have kids and their “why” is so defined, it feels nice to be around that sense of certainty. HAH.  Okay, /end rambling.

Some tips I’ve learned:

  1. If you are going to try and solo Matthes Crest (even a part of it), do it at the very beginning so you don’t feel like your rope is a life line you can’t kick.  My climbing partner Clark taught me this mental trick and it worked!  It was only at the end of the day did my mental strength started draining and I had to be rope rescued because I froze literally some meters before our point of descent (AFTER I soloed up a peak already and had to down climb).
  2. Mole skin is the best.
  3. Listen to your friends when they tell you Gladiacoin is shady. (haaaahhh)
  4. Sometimes reading a 5 page PDF guide on how to do something is better than thinking of all the hurdles you’ll encounter trying to do said thing.

I’m sure you went here thinking you’d learn something about passive income and I’m just rambling on about life.  Seems like that’s the trend here.  Maybe I’ll write enough so that not EVERY blog post is a ramble.  Just every OTHER blog post… is a ramble. =)


How do you feel once you’ve hit your thirties?  Or how do you feel approaching 30?  Is it a lot of “what the fuck? what the fuck?… what…..the fuck…happens…now?”.  Let me know. I’d like to know.

s ideas.


Okay, so maybe it isn’t love.  Maybe it is a frantic type of infatuation right now.  I’ve stumbled upon his “School of Life” series after making it a point of cancelling my Netflix account and ignoring Amazon Prime Video.

For those of you who don’t know him, he is a modern philosopher who has written many books about how to interpret life, love, etc.

The below are certain points he’s made which resonated with me:

  1. In being with someone you are subjecting two imperfect human beings together filled with childhood flaws and such, but teaching each other comes off as criticism because no one is really close enough nor invested enough to care about you on that level (sometimes, not even your own family and especially not your flings).
  2. We should treat our significant others like they are babies not with condescension, but more with generosity in interpretation regarding their actions.  You do not see the actions of your significant others as punitive or evil, but with a lot of room for forgiveness.
  3. Although you may disagree with religion, they got it right with the idea of repetition.  We naturally forget again and again how to behave or sensor or forgive and religion as a school of thought knows this is our behavior and acts accordingly.
  4. Sulking is possible because we have the delusional idea that those who love us can read our minds.

After writing this post, I feel like I don’t know if I want to keep this blog as  More like

Anyway, I’ve found that by not binge watching shows – I’m watching real people.

Also, besides the adventures I try to embark upon (went to Havasupai last weekend, going to hike Half Dome the next), I’m punctured by days of silence and I get irritated by unexpected calls.  It MIGHT be because I am on the end of my period (which coincides with when I post, as well).  But I do feel like I’m on my own a lot.  Sure I interact with many people (through texting) daily but for the most part, verbally I’m talking to no one.  And it feels very isolating.

For the past few months I:

Rock climbed at Grass Valley Lake

Rock climbed/camped at Owens River Gorge

Bouldered at the Sads

Went to Havasupai in Arizona to see some waterfalls

What I observed… my business grew more when I am away and die if I have more of a hand in it. WTF.

Goals for the future:

Grow auto business to 40K/month. (I’ve neglected this business severely and I gotta build it back).

Restart Amazon FBA business and try to grow it to a modest 2-3K/month.

Revamp subscription based business, focus more on this business for June and July.

Invest in stocks more.

I guess that’s all.  I will let you know if I accomplish these goals or fall flat on my face.


I would write more, but I will do that… another day.


Keep on, Keepin’ on, folks.

A moment in paradise. #havasupaifalls #lovethislife #optoutside🌲

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Let’s face it.  There’s no such thing as “passive income”.  It’s all… really fucking hard work.  And a lot of failures (for me).  This BLOG is about my own personal recount of whatever the heck it is I do to form an existence where I at least earn a living because I definitely know by now that I am almost unemployable.


Maybe that was a bitch/bit too melodramatic.  I honestly by now don’t see how I can function as someone who can stick to a set schedule every week.  Because literally every single week is a different story.  I was all gung ho with creating this shopify general store one week, plunging myself into 15+ hour days of study self study with a store that has “viral” products.  Then I went to Taiwan and immersed myself in the city and country life while rock climbing/hiking/scootering/biking around all the meanwhile ordering knives for importing and auto parts.  Then I came back to city violations because the fencing around the warehouse needed to have slats in order to remove the view from the general public.  And the list goes on and on and on…

In the past 5 months I’ve:

  1. Invested 16,000 in a project that BARELY just now is starting to pan out with imported products from China and Taiwan.
  2. Invested 2-3,000 in selling a beauty product that did REALLY well for a few months and then got taken down by Amazon which crippled the hell out of sales and now I am back to square one.
  3. Had to let go of a few employees.
  4. Traveled to another country to visit suppliers as well as just taking a fucking break from the chaos for several weeks.
  5. Sales of used auto parts increased dramatically while I was gone to the point where one of my virtual assistants encouraged that I stay away from the business more often.
  6. Joined an ecommerce forum where I’m not obsessively combing over every post I deem relevant.
  7. Just finished with jetlag yesterday, waking up at 3am in the morning on the daily and now 2 days ago I started my period. And it seems as though my lactose intolerance has increased as of late to the point where ANY cheese exposure = DEATH. (TMI???)


Don’t get me wrong.  Every month is an adventure.  Every year is improvement.  I’m grateful for being able to do what I want with my life without worrying where my next dollar will come from.  But godamnit.

I feel like the overwhelm has made me shut down.  I need longer breaks and the time I traveled solo for a month was not long enough.  I’ve gotten to a stage where I’m constantly consuming media/audiobooks and I’m addicted to just consuming and consuming.  Granted I’ve been back to the states for a little more than 1 week but I should have hit the ground running like “RELEASE THE KRACKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.


Why do I feel like I’m in this no man’s land? Stuck?  Stuck physically, but definitely moving mentally?  Do I need a life coach?

Things I’ve learned about business which blew my mind because I’ve traveled:

  1. You can have a multi-million dollar company with just 1 employee.  MANY MANY people have done this and it is not uncommon.
  2. Intense focus gets shit done.  But people who are more ADD-like should focus intensely for a few months each on random different projects and sometimes it works out anyway.
  3. Kickstarter is really a cool platform. Met some people who are super successful at kickstarter campaigns.
  4. Net profit is more important than gross sales. By far.
  5. No job is beneath you if you want to be successful.
  6. Shit is hard.  “If it’s easy, everyone would be doing it!” – wise person told me.

This is from speaking/talking to successful people and spending days with them.  Also, I’ve found out what my priorities are and I should be shifting that this year and next if I want to “grow” things.

These are my specific goals for the near future:

  1. Don’t go camping/climbing every single weekend of the year.  Moderate this. (I know, BOOOO!!!!)
  2. Think more, do less non-thinking work.
  3. Even if shit gets hacked, keep on producing/who cares if things are corrupted. Fix it later.  Putting shit out there is better than nothing at all.
  4. Create a course on Udemy (even if it is a crappy one) just to test it out.  Why?  Because I do a million How-To videos and instructions for my own organizations and so WHY THE HELL NOT?
  5. Run through at least 20-40 facebook ad campaigns for auto parts AND knives.  Yes.  I’m going to be providing knives now.
  6. Follow the Profit First theory.
  7. Post/blog at least once a week.  Even if I don’t have any pictures to show.

Below is a picture of me enjoying the rock in Taiwan at this beautiful location called “Long Dong” which translates to Long Dick.

Just kidding!  “Dragon Cave”.

Look at the bottom right

Climbing at Long Dong.  Or as the locals call it.. “LD”.

I will be updating a post a week if not two posts a week even if I’m too lazy to compile any pictures for you.  I’ll be posting numbers but right now it’s past midnight and I don’t want my enemy Jet Lag to win.


P.S.  Let me know what you guys think about the layout of this blog.  It’s pink, which is my favorite color because Pink to me represents ABUNDANT HAPPINESS and I celebrate it.  But if it is too distracting, let me know.

-Kim Dang

How To Transfer Files from Your Android to PC

  1. Download the app SHARElink on your android. Open it.
  2. Download Sharelink on your PC.
  3. Choose pictures on your android.
  4. Choose your PC device on your android.
  5. Click “Share”
  6. It will share what you have chosen to share to a folder (usually your downloads folder on your PC) where you can later move to an external hard drive or something.

It took me FOREVER to figure this out (20 minutes of googling and trying out other things).  You’re welcome.



Figuring out Hollander Powerlink

Oh boy.  Where to begin?  It is a f*cking nightmare.  Customer support never mails you back but at least you can get them on the phone.  The good thing about powerlink is that I can change my item’s templates at anytime.  So that’s pretty cool.  And subtitles are free.  That is pretty damn cool as well.  But it will take me at least a few more days of tweaking until I get this running correctly.   And with NO interruptions.

I remember a conversation I had with my dad (he’s 74) and while we were talking I told him I wanted to be financially free and essentially “retired” by the time I’m 33 and he chuckled like I’m some naive crazy fool.  He told me with a laugh, “Don’t be silly!  You are retiring at age 60.  Like a regular person.”  I was thinking… 30 more years till retirement?  Holy shit, I thought, if I really want to achieve my goal.  I better run.

Hence “Passive Income Marathon” is born.  My old site got hacked and I pretty much lost everything because being stubborn, I decided “fuck the old hosting company, I’m switching to another one”.  When I made the switch I cut ties with the old hosting company who didn’t save any of my stuff.


This is my personal journey towards financial freedom.

My goal is to be financially free at age 33.  When I say financially free I mean that I’m no longer chasing after my next dolla.

Life-wise, I’m doing okay.  I’m not stuck in any 9 to 5.  I have no boss.  No one is going to fire me.

The next bit will be along run on sentence.

Last year, as only remembered through facebook since my blog crapped out on me, I went to three countries (Vietnam, Japan, and China) for travel and visited 41 cities.  I’ll list as many as I can remember…

Rancho Cucamonga – great indoor rock climbing (Hanger 18), Twentynine Palms (Shared a hot springs experience with my friend Stephen after rock climbing), Went canoeing down black canyon river in Nevada starting at the Hoover Dam.  My first time deep water soloing, Las Vegas – went to an ecommerce conference and also did multi-pitch climbs at Red rock (Crimson Chrysalis, Cat in the Hat, Birdland), Guilin – Beautiful city in China, Huntington Beach – biked around and enjoyed the beach in general, Adelanto, Victorville – enjoyed a ton of stand up comedy enjoyed with my friend Valerie, Idyllwild CA – Multipitch rock climbed with my friend Elliot.  We did Traitor’s Horn and The Long Climb.  Ojai CA, Irvine, Ca – went to some SEO marketing conferences and wordpress development meetups, Calabasis CA, Big bear lake – celebrated 4th of July, also went there to rock climb at Holcomb several times, Mammoth lakes – Skiied as well as went rock climbing, Boulder City NV, Henderson NV, Anaheim CA – visited some home fries, Costa Mesa CA, Tustin CA, Fullerton CA, Riverside CA – rock climbed at the Quarry as well as climbing indoor at Hanger 18, Gardena CA, Long Beach CA, Bishop CA – bouldered at Happys, JT – rock climbed as well as camped and shot some guns, Santa Ana CA – visited my parents countless of times, Vung Tau – visited a beach in vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam – met some entrepreneurs who I still converse with till this day, Vinh Long Vietnam – visited my real home town, Hoi An – went biking around in this lazy touristy town of central Vietnam, Sa Pa – lived with a family in a very rural beautiful rice patty village where the entire house was made of wood and there was barely any electricity and no refridgerator, Ha Long – did Yoga on a boat surrounded by thousand of islands, squid fishing at night, explored caves, Karoake with a bunch of australians.  Rescued a dog that was left out to die, POTTY TRAINED a dog from its infancy, waking up at 2am freezing my ass off begging the puppy to pee so I can put it back in its kennel.  Harold is very healthy and being loved by my parents.  He loves them and they love him back.  I love him as well.

I made 209 new facebook friends, which meant I met briefly for some moment in time, 209 new people.  I’ve followed some amazing climbers up walls anywhere from 600 ft to 1000 ft.  I’ve climbed at night, I’ve gotten lost as shit wandering around in the dark for hours, I’ve frozen my ass off limping back to the cabin after skiing, I’ve ran around in the rain in China, I’ve climbed in the rain at Mammoth, I’ve gone camping where showering was the last thing on my mind because the view was so damn beautiful.  Fuck being clean.

Some random pictures of my adventures:

SCROLL FAST IF YOU WANT TO SKIP THIS PART.  Essentially… TL,DL [too long, don’t look] it is “me! me! me and friends! me again!”.


All of this meanwhile running an auto dismantling business that I started from scratch (3+ years and running), a slowly dying subscription based business, a fulfillment company, and started an import company that is “blowing up” in my humble opinion.

But I gotta still chase for the next dollar.  To fund these projects, I find myself always chasing.

What I want to do is stop the chase.  RUN the marathon and then rest.  Permanently.  I started reading up on all these “passive income” methods and while I’m still gung ho tryin’ta make da dolla…. I’m going to embark on a marathon to change my income into something more passive.

Like Ali Wong… I don’t really want to lean in.  I want to lie the FUCK down.


Everything I learn is pretty much googling the shit out of everything.  And watching How-To videos.

The future as I see it is…. people financially support you because you know enough about something and you provide them value whether it is in video form or some type of written form.  So people basically support your life simply because you EXIST and you are not a silent person hiding underneath a rock!  What a dream!  I saw some of my friends start chasing this dream.  Some friends have become coaches and are well on their way with everything automated.  Other friends stayed behind ecommerce curtains while they have multiple empires.  I just want to let out a deep guttural HORRAAHHH or a meak “you go girl!”, whenever I see their content pop up because the hustle they have is so real and admirable.  And when the youtube video or the Vimeo video ends and there’s that BLACK SCREEN staring back at me while I wait for it to load… I see my eyes staring back at me.

The other friday after staff left for home…I found myself pulling 40 ft by 40 ft sheets of tarp over inventory IN THE RAIN surrounded by four craigslist random labor hires where the only light that came shining down on us was the one I purchased from Osh the day before.  Because holy shit I said yes to a project that is bigger in magnitude than I can handle.  I crawled to bed..exhausted.  I’m working hard as fuck, but…  Am I working smart?  I’m still figuring it out.

The goal of this website is to eventually give enough value so that one day I don’t keep to keep on running this marathon.  That goal is 3 years from now.

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