How to Camstudio and strange happenings at the warehouse.

Another praise for human-sent technology… goes to CAMSTUDIO.  Beating out its contestants = a million other random thoughts floating about in my brain.  I know, you are probably thinking… a MILLION?  I usually can only count five thoughts and then everything is but a blur afterwards.  Oh, the nightly alcohol does that to you, doesn’t it?  [I told you not to keep on drinking alone – it isn’t the cure all to your childhood issues!]

Some of you might be familiar with Camstudio already since its inception, but for those of you who are not familiar with Camstudio, I just want to harp on it for juuuuuuust a little bit.

Also, after this I talk about strange happenings over at my warehouse.

How to use Camstudio




 Camstudio does a great job in screen capture and recording.  You can record full screen, partial screen, and it is saved in a good format for you to upload into movie maker which then can be transplanted onto Youtube.  Jing also helps with screen recording but it entraps you at 5 minutes.  Camstudio keeps on going.

So here is what you do, my peeps.

1) Download Camstudio

2) If you are midly successful, it shall look like the below:


 3) Red button = Record.  Blue square = Stop.  Fat 11 = Pause.   There, I figured you guys need a legend.  Just to keep up with this How-to.

4) I bought a Logitech Webcam (I want to start doing youtube videos How-To’s soon enough) and the sound quality of my voice-over combined with camstudio is CRYSTAL CLEAR.  It will be as if I am speaking directly into your ear.

Sexy?  I hope so.

5) Just press the red button, record, and press the blue square, stop, then find a whereabouts for your file to rest unto its dying days.  THE END!

In other news…….

Every Thursdays one of my entrepreneur warehouse renting friend hosts an all out PART-AY for his motorcycling buddies.  He essentially soups up motorcycles as his business.   Anyway, they get together like a massive bike gang gathering and they eat hot dogs whilst listening to bass pounding hip hop beats.  I hear the joyful incessant revving of motorcycles combined with hip hop while I work.  Not so bad!  I was invited today to join their crowd.  MAYBE.  I am considering it.

Also, my other neighbor who is starting a urea diluting company (very lucrative business, by the way) has trucks coming in at night with 1 story tall barrels.  The type at least 20 bodies can fit in.  Each barrel assembly is at least $10k, easy.  Who would’ve thought that diluting urine would be so $$$$$$?

I just finished booting up an Windows 7 OS partition on my Mac.  Yeah, all by myself.  Plus I created a virtual machine on my first Mac OS partition to run Windows 7 as well.  Effectively confusing myself on which Windows 7 I should use.  Oh WELL!



If you genuinely find my How-To’s useful, please do share it why don’t you darlings?  If it isn’t genuinely useful to your life – well, why don’t you say so?  Step out of that passive aggressive mentality and tell me how you feel… STRAIGHT UP.

By the way – I will be adopting the vernacular of the tweakers for awhile.  Not because I have become one, but because a combination of revisiting Breaking Bad and being surrounded by tweakers has allowed for me to pick up this eloquence.


When I open a page and I ACTIVELY try to click on the third link…. but suddenly the page finishes loading and then all the links SHIFT DOWNWARDS… causing me to press a link I have no intention of pressing…. then I would have to repeatedly click on the back button….. just to repeat the same mistakes again!

What is your online pet peeve?


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